Frequently Asked Questions about the Unleash Your Inner Author MasterTrack Course

When does the Course start?

Where are the classes held?

The course classes are held online through a video conference call or in person in the Denver metro area.

What If i can't attend the meetings or calls - are they recorded? 

All the classes are recorded and will be available to participants shortly after each class meeting.

How many authors will be enrolled in the UYIA MasterTrack Course?

Since this is an interactive and hands-on course, the number is intentionally kept small. Typically, no more than 12 people are accepted . This allows everyone to discuss their own projects and help the other authors with theirs. 

Is this Course for everyone who wants to write a book?

While every author would benefit from this course, it is designed specifically for first-time authors writing non-fiction books. The course content has been developed with this in mind, and builds on the strengths that you gain with each class. (For more information on the course, see Unleash Your Inner Author.)

How much time will I need to dedicate to the UYIA MasterTrack Course?

The time that you put into the course is an investment in yourself, your business, and your readers (and potential clients!). The Unleash Your Inner Author workbook contains "homework" for you to complete each session as you continue to develop your book.

Unlike other book-writing courses, you will also get personalized help setting up your publishing platform so that you don't have to figure it out on your own. (Other programs do not offer this, or they charge an additional fee for this service.) 

To make sure you don't waste your time being stuck or trying to figure out a problem by yourself, you will have ongoing support from Amy, her team, and the online forum

I'm not too good at technology - do I need to be a computer whiz?

No, you don't need to be a technology expert. You do need to be able to use basic technology, but no computer programming is required <grin>.

My book idea isn't fully developed yet. Will the UYIA MasterTrack Course help me figure that out?

Yes. Part of "Unleashing Your Inner Author" is helping you find your unique voice and develop your ideas. In the first few meetings, we will work on creating, building out, and structuring your content. (For more information on the course, see Unleash Your Inner Author.)

What other costs are involved in publishing my book?

There are additional costs for editing your content and designing your book cover and text layout. These are key pieces that we suggest you hire professionals to help you with. Our team of experts can help you with these important pieces. You may decide to work with them or with other professionals you know. 

Do I need to be a great writer to write a book?

You do not need to be the next William Shakespeare - your job is to tell your compelling story to the people who need it. Some writers will need to work more closely with an editor or ghostwriter to complete or refine their content. Writing and publishing your book takes a village - we're here to help. But your voice is important - your story and your message need to be delivered in your voice, with your sense of humor, your memories, your pain, your wisdom and insight.  

Much of my book is already written. Would it be worth it to take this course?

Even if you have a lot of content already, you will learn valuable information about how to connect with your readers and how to find your voice and be more confident using it. That is all part of "Unleashing your Inner Author." You will also learn all the other parts of publishing your book. Included in this course are the areas taught by our team of experts, including branding, design, layout, marketing, reviews, and promotion. (For more information on the course, see Unleash Your Inner Author.)

How will my book be marketed and promoted?

It depends on how you choose to publish and what your goals are. Some authors want to sell their books at their own events or speaking engagements, some use their book to build business and grow their tribe, while others want to reach a wider market. The UYIA MasterTrack Course will teach you many ways to reach your readers. Our guest experts can help you develop a customized system to best reach your ideal readers.

If your book is a good fit for one of Amy's publishing options, your book will become an integrated part of our marketing efforts, designed and implemented by our marketing experts.

What is the investment for the workshop?

Full tuition for the workshop is $2,295. But the early-bird discount price of $1,950.00 is available until the two weeks before the workshop begins. A four-payment plan is available. Contact us for details. (For more information on the course, see Unleash Your Inner Author.) (Members of the Women of Denver, use the WOD discount code at checkout.)

If I'm not happy with the UYIA Course, is it refundable?

Yes - you can try out the workshop and system for the first two sessions. If you find it is not for you, your tuition is refundable. 

Note: Since the course relies on your participation to get results, you must show that you took part in the meetings or group calls and tried out the course materials to find out how the system works.

I have other questions - who do I talk to?

Please contact Amy at 303-579-9907 or use the contact form. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the decision to unleash your inner author!

How do I register?

Use the button below to apply now - space is limited! Each application is reviewed by Amy to make sure that the Unleash Your Inner Author MasterTrack Course is right for you. After you submit your application, Amy will set up a phone meeting to talk about your project and answer any questions you have.