Wild Grace

Wild Grace is all around whenever we  connect with the living, breathing world around us. The hawk in the sky, the fox in the forest,  trees in the yard, even the pet in your living room. 

Grace flows always; look for it everywhere.  

Wild Grace Meditation Series

You know that quiet peace and sense of awe that you find in nature? With these meditations, you slide easily into the rhythms of the natural world. Learn to quiet your mind and experience a profound connection to nature.  

Fox Guided Meditation Download

Join the Fox for a relaxing and grounding meditation. You will be guided through the mediation so that you can relax and enjoy it. Whether you're experienced or new to meditation, this journey with Fox will help you connect deeply to nature and the magic of Fox energy.

Cover art by Nancy Rynes

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Buffalo - Abundance Guided Meditation

Buffalo is a symbol of abundance and grounding. This guided meditation helps you connect to this energy through the ancient power of this magnificent animal.  If you're experienced at meditation or new to it, you are guided through every step so that you can relax and receive the gift that Buffalo reveals. 

Every time you listen is different, because you receive what you need at that moment. Enjoy the deep wisdom and insight of the Buffalo.

Cover art by Nancy Rynes

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Free Meditation

Wondering what guided meditation is? This meditation helps you release your stress and find peace.

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Whenever I feel a little “off,” I listen to your Fox meditation. It’s different every time - I feel grounded and re-energized, like I do when I’m in my garden.
— Davis
I enjoyed our session about my dog, Zeus. Thanks very much for your insight.
— Julie
I was happy to hear about Amy’s gift of relating to animals. Our session started with a gentle meditation with the intention of “tuning in.” The insights Amy touched on were right-on accurate. I really appreciate your gift and the caring way in which you share it.

Thanks, Amy!
— Malia
Purchase Now: $14.95

Purchase Now: $14.95