When you're stressed-out, unproductive, stuck, or unhappy, you don't feel much like a superhero. But you were born with the talents and strengths for a happy and abundant life. Now it’s time to unleash them!

Unleashing your Superpowers means understanding and building your own strengths and energies. It’s about stepping into your power.  Can you imagine what it’s like to feel strong and confident all the time? 

When you're ready to make a change, you need a system to make the most of it. You have tremendous untapped personal power - you just need to turn on the switch that releases your positive powers for happiness and success. When you flip that switch, your other superpowers start to shine.

The Unleash Your Superpowers workshops give you the tools and personal insights to begin your transformation. And the coaching program supercharges it. The program starts with your personal strengths assessment, and we build your custom coaching program around your unique strengths and needs.


Learn how to focus your personal power so you can soar! Here is a real-life example: Think about how much time and energy you spend worrying. What if you could take that energy and transform it? You can take all that energy and focus it on love, happiness, success. You could develop your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom. The possibilities for your superpowers are up to you!


The Unleash Your Superpowers audio workshops  are  three audio classes designed to help you discover your hidden strengths and use them to live your life more fully, with joy and purpose:

  • Start with banishing your stress
  • Turn that stress energy into power you can use
  • Learn to  trust your own judgement
  •  Discover the power of your intuition and how to use it to make better decisions
  • Unleash your powers for happiness and success

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Superpowers Coaching focuses on your transformation. Your custom coaching program is designed just for you.

We start with an assessment to understand your unique strengths. Then we talk about what exactly transformation means to you and what you want to focus on. 

I customize your program for just where you want to go. 

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