Unleash Your Superpowers Audio Workshops

Unleash Your Superpowers is a three-part audio course designed to help you discover your hidden strengths and use them to live your life more fully, with joy and purpose.

 You were born with the talents and strengths for an abundant life. Now it’s time to unleash them!

There comes a time when you can’t keep hiding - waiting to be the real you. To keep putting it off means your soul’s purpose is hidden and your light can’t shine. It means that you stay where you are.

At some point you just can’t do it anymore. Unleashing your Superpowers means understanding and building your own strengths and energies. It’s about stepping into your power. 

When you're ready to make a change, you need a system to make the most of it. You have tremendous untapped personal power - you just need to turn on the switch that releases your positive powers for a full and joyous life.

Banish Stress and Build the Strengths That Power Your Happiness and Success

Unleash Your Superpowers is the catalyst to supercharge your strengths and use them to fuel your transformation. Knowing and building your strengths is your key to finding your path to happiness and success. 

Are You Ready to Step Into Your Power?

Here’s how you know you need to discover your superpowers:

  • You feel stuck where you are
  • You feel powerless to make a change
  • You’re a positive person but often feel stressed or  unhappy 
  • You worry - a lot
  • You wonder why you don’t have more energy or enthusiasm
  • You feel harshly judged by others or need their approval
  • You don’t trust your own judgement
  • You need clarity but don’t know how to find it
  • You know you are intuitive, but you don’t trust it
  • You are happy sometimes, but wonder how to hold on to it
  • You’ve had success, but don’t know how to re-create it
  • You have dreams, but they seem distant

You are ready to make a change:

  • You are an incredibly bright light who has perhaps forgotten how to shine. 
  • The spark of the divine within you has been dimmed by the weight of stress and worry.
  • You have the gifts of wisdom of intuition but need some help remembering.
  • And most of all, your divine right is to be joyous and spread your unique light in the world.

How the Classes Work

In these audio courses, you will learn on your own schedule and participate in several exercises in each class. Worksheets that you work through before class help you understand where you’re starting from and help you get the most out of the classes. Each class stands alone, but together they will help you understand your powers and help you elevate them to Superpowers!

• Class One – Banish your Stress and Unleash Your Energy

The truth about stress is that it robs you of the energy to focus on joy, success, and happy relationships.
Before you can start feeling your superpowers, you need to get your stress and worry under control. Yes, it’s actually possible! My students and I use these techniques every day.

In Class One you learn how to recognize your energy and how you’re using it. Once you understand that, you can make better choices about where to focus that power. The quickest way to greater personal power is to reclaim the energy that gets drained from you through stress. The exercises in this class teach you to feel and focus your power, and help you transform the negative power of worry into the positive power of peace today.

• Class Two – Unleash your Powers of Wisdom and Intuition

Imagine actually listening to and living by what your “gut” tells you. Intuition is a superpower that we often ignore – we’ve learned to use our brains instead of listening to the wisdom inside us.
When you release the negative energy of stress and worry, you can open up to hearing the power of intuition. Trusting your inner wisdom helps you:

  • Make better decisions
  • Have greater confidence in your decisions
  • Deeper insight into what’s right for you
  • Greater understanding of synchronicity – the “coincidences” that are really signs from Spirit

Start by learning to love and appreciate your own judgement and release the judgments of others. Trusting yourself allows you to hear and act on the wisdom of your intuition, with a confidence you’ve never experienced before. Wisdom and intuition are ways for Spirit to communicate with you. Intuition is Spirit is tapping you on the shoulder, giving you information through your senses.

The exercises in class two help you understand the deep powers of wisdom within you. They help you learn how to easily access guidance from your inner Wise One at any time you need it.

• Class Three – Unleash Your Powers of Happiness and Success

With some practice, you’ll get good at exercising your powers for transforming worry and stress and listening to your intuition. Now you can supercharge your life by learning the secrets behind what you really want – happiness and success.

What you’ll learn in this class:

  • The spark to fire up lasting happiness
  • Practices that build happiness today into a foundation for your life
  • How happiness attracts other positive energy into your life:
    • Abundance
    • Love
    • Success

We’ll talk about the formula that we use to understand happiness and success. When you reach success, you’ll be happy, right? Together we’ll examine that formula and see how to make it work more powerfully in your life. Happiness and success are attainable – and it starts today – no waiting to live with more passion and fulfillment.

Here’s to unleashing your superpowers! 

The worry and stress exercises were worth the price of the whole class. I never thought I’d actually be able to de-stress that quickly. Now I have the tools to do it myself whenever I need to.
— Ken, Iowa
Happiness was not really what I was going for. I took the class because I was so worried about what other people thought of me. Now that I have let that go, I can focus on being happy. Thanks, Amy.
— Sandra, Colorado