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Clear communication brings people together, helps solve a problem, educates or entertains. Your vision is important – it’s the key to your success.
— Amy Collette, Text Clarity


Understanding your audience and what they need is crucial to the success of your business. We help you find clarity in the confusion and expertly craft your message. Contact us to discuss your projects. We can help you with:

  • Book Consulting and Coaching:
    • When you're ready to boost your personal and professional growth, and there's no better way than finding your voice and publishing your book. The world needs your unique insight and experience. 
      • Consulting and Coaching – Nurture and encourage your inner author
      • Structure – Design your book to give you credibility and visibility
      • Planning – Together we create a Master Plan to map out the path for your book or project
      • Book Editing (substantive editing and proofreading) – Great editing makes you an even greater writer
      • Cover and interior text design – Capture your readers with a professional look and feel
      • Self-publishing – Maintain control over your book and publish quickly
  • Ghostwriting – Our talented writers channel your voice and style to tell your story
  • Feature articles and Web site content – Your copy is the window into your business; we make it compelling for your customers
  • Manuscript Evaluation – This in-depth evalutation outlines what your book needs to make it ready for publishing. The in-depth evaluation includes suggestions for editing, structure, voice and completeness. 
  • Technical documentation – Our decades of experience in technical and science writing bring your products to life for the people who use them.
  • Scientific or academic book editing – You make the material accurate, we'll help make it more fun to read. 

What communication challenges do you face? Is it difficult to describe your project without drawing a picture or giving all the background? If so, we can help. Let’s talk about your project, starting with understanding your audience. Once we have a clear idea of your audience and what you want to communicate, we can work together to meet their needs. Communication is our passion. Let us help you connect with your market in a new way.

Featured Projects

Coming Soon: 

We're proud to be working on the following book projects, due to be published in 2016

  • Foundations of High-Energy-Density Physics - by Jon Larsen, author of Extreme Physics (Cambridge University Press)
  • Got Purpose?  By Danielle Norris
  • It's Not About the Food - by Stephanie Flanders-Martin
  • Dancing At The Edge - by Carol Jacobson
  • Awaken Your Feminine Spirit - by Stacie Ivey


The Gratitude Connection: embrace the positive power of thanks

The Gratitude Connection is a how-to guide for finding the most powerful catalyst for happiness: gratitude. Practicing gratitude can transform your life by:

  • Releasing you from the worry and stress that’s keeping you stuck
  • Giving you the peace of mind that you crave
  • Clarifying your goals and dreams
  • Creating an attitude of abundance
  • Building a foundation of happiness

Bridging True Love Connection
Between You and Your Animals

When Animal Communicator Vicki Draper became an author, she said, "it was like a piece of me was complete. It was like coming home to myself. So it gave me more presence in my business. It gave me more confidence - I'm an author!"

Vicki Draper is a highly regarded modern-day healer and author who supports family animals with health, harmony, and ease, addressing wellness during every stage of animal's life. With her skill set, she serves clients locally and remotely, nationally and internationally. A natural born animal communicator, Vicki's qualifications as a healer for both people and animals include being a licensed massage practitioner, a certified acupressurist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and training in craniosacral therapy.

Nancy Rynes photo: Ashley Deaner Photography, LLC

Nancy Rynes
photo: Ashley Deaner Photography, LLC

Awakenings from the Light

Nancy Rynes’ inspirational book, Awakenings from the Light, is the story of her near-death experience and the messages she brought back to share with the world. With wit and insight, Nancy shares her very personal journey from a horrific bicycle accident to her time in “heaven’s green room” and back to her miraculous recovery. I was honored to be Nancy’s book coach and editor on this project. (Due out second quarter, 2015)


Rethinking Retirement: How to create the life you want without waiting to retire

Keith Weber’s excellent book is a road map for how to live your dreams now and how to plan your finances to support your lifestyle. Keith shares his personal story along with the stories of numerous clients he’s worked with over the years. I was the writing consultant and editor on this project.
See Rethinking Retirement: How to create the life you want without waiting to retire



WestNet Learning Technlogies

WestNet publishes a series of courses that are certified by the National Association
of Communication Systems Engineers (NACSE) and used by accredited colleges and universities. I developed content, including course objectives, course material, activities, and quizzes. Course development includes researching new technologies and working with subject matter experts. I also edited and indexed other authors’ material and worked closely with the editorial staff to produce these high-quality courses.


Friends for Phinney

I designed the Friends for Phinney site and developed the content for this non-profit organization for Parkinson’s Disease. I served as the Social Media Director, fundraiser, and media contact during the team’s Coast-to-Coast bicycle tour in 2013.

National Snow and Ice Data Center

NSIDC is a NASA-funded resource for scientists from all over the world to track climate trends. My work included documenting data from recent cryospheric (snow and ice) experiments. I also designed and developed web sites such as Antarctic Megadunes, an educational resource for adults and students who want to keep up with current research.



While at NSIDC I wrote feature articles for NASA that covered the latest experiments and discoveries in various scientific fields. NASA published these articles on its Earth Observatory web site and in an annual print publication.
See Flame and Flood and The Incredible Glowing Algae.

Resources for Authors

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A good editor will always make a writer better at her craft. My deep gratitude to Amy Collette for helping me clean up this manuscript and make it much easier to read. In the process of her working with me, my writing has improved immensely. Thank you, Amy!
— Nancy Rynes, Author of Awakenings from the Light