Unleash Your Superpowers COACHING PROGRAM

I help you blaze a new path - I'm the co-pilot on your adventure.

People I work with want to make a positive impact, like: making a career change, starting a business, or writing a book. I know all these transitions well:  I've changed careers several times and spent years in the corporate world ,  so I speak the language and know the opportunities and the limitations. I'm an entrepreneur, so I know the terror of an empty calendar as well as the thrill of helping clients find success. And writing The Gratitude Connection started a whole new chapter in my life that includes being an Author's Coach, Book Consultant, Speaker and even host of a podcast!

The Superpowers Coaching Program is all  about pumping up your personal strengths so you can lend that muscle to every part of your life. It's about helping you overcome barriers and map out the path to where you're going.  It's for people who are going through change (or want to make a change) like: changing careers, starting a business, getting back into the work world, or recovering from loss.

Transition brings up a lot of myths and cliches that you’ve learned along the way and makes you question what you’re doing - who do you think you are to go off  and try something new? Why do you think you’ll be happy? What makes you think it’ll be a success? Do you deserve it? Can you make it happen? What will people think? Arggh! All that doubt can make you want to crawl in a hole. But if you’re curious about what's possible, doubts become opportunities to live a more joyful life, aligned with who you are and how you define happiness and success.

When you're ready to make a change, it helps to have a coach who's on your side, helping you stay focused, accountable, and having fun as you explore new adventures.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • Discover your power: Discover  your top 5 strengths using the personal Strengths Assessment (free) and use them to fuel your transformation

  • Relax and start fresh: Learn to manage your stress and transform your worry so it no longer blocks your progress

  • Identify the speed bumps: Understand what slows your progress and resolve or remove those blocks

  • Shine a light on your path:  Get clear about your direction and then focus on your next most important steps 

  • Follow your wisdom: Learn to listen to and trust your gut

  • Celebrate your journey: Remember  where you’ve been and celebrate your growth and progress

Take the first step: your Strengths Assessment and a Breakthrough Session with Amy:


In your Breakthrough session, we'll evaluate your strengths assessment and understand what you need from your customized coaching program. Let the adventure begin!

Please call with your questions!

            Let the adventure begin!

            Let the adventure begin!

I have made tremendous progress - the last month in particular, more than I have had in years. Thanks again for your support!
— David
I thought I could just focus coaching on my business, but that’s not how it works. Thank you for helping me connect all the pieces. I’m happier as an entrepreneur and having more fun being aligned with who I really am!
— Sarah
If you ever have the chance to work with Amy you would be treating your self not to just fun but with lots of success.
— Roger