That’s a big fancy name for a list that recaps the day and sets you up for success tomorrow.

Take five to ten minutes at the end of each day and use the Daily Success Report to:

  • Celebrate what you have accomplished that day. Even if they are things other than the ones on your “to-do” list. Over time, you can see what you’re spending your time on, getting distracted by, etc. Or you may see what the real priorities are.
  • Improve your processes. After writing down what went well, examine what could be better next time.
  • Review your revenue and other riches. This keeps you from having your head in the sand about the state of your business finances. “Other riches” are the times that you choose some other form of compensation. Such as getting a massage, going to a movie or to your kid’s game or volunteering.
  • Connect with your peeps. Since your client, prospect, and book-buyer relationships are key to your business, plan the connections you want to make.
  • Plan your success. Planning for what you need to set up now for the next quarter, and priorities for tomorrow.
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