You Have the Answers with Phyllis Lundy

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What dreams did you have as a kid? As a future career coach, Phyllis toyed with many dreams, alternately deciding to be the next Marie Curie, an astronaut, a Broadway star, an ambassador, a poet, and an artist. Now she teaches career changers to go back to those childhood dreams to understand what they love to do and how to explore new dreams and find their purpose. 

Phyllis started her training business, Lundy Leadership, after she was "pushed out of the nest" of her corporate job. Phyllis says that she sees this with many of her career coaching clients, too. "They are more willing to get creative about what they really want to do" when something like that happens. 

Phyllis teaches "change resiliency," helping individuals and organizations move through transition more smoothly to get to a better place.

She says we can "put aside our fears and brainstorm, engage the other part of our brain to imagine the possibilities." 

The essence of her book, You Have the Answers, is that we all have the answers inside - but we need to ask the questions and calm the fear to access those answers. 

The book contains stories of how to "move through the barriers to access our own inner wisdom." Listen to our talk to learn what it means to "follow the threads of desire" and how to let a glimmer of an idea start to turn into a glow and then into a fire!

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Pay attention when you start to notice questions or thought about how you're dissatisfied with some part of your life. "Don't ignore the question." 

Stop and get still. Recommended song - Learn To Be Still

Let yourself ask the questions - "If I could do anything I wanted with my time, what would I do?" "Can I make a contribution in a better way to the world?"

Journal your way to the answer. "Writing helps get all the garbage in my brain out of my brain, and then I can write myself into a solution."