What's a Book Coach and why do I need one?

Featured on Inside the Women of Denver TV

I'm excited to be featured on Krystal Covington's talk show, Inside the Women of Denver! Listen to the audio (below) or watch the show online.

In this interview we cover a lot of ground, from book coaching to gratitude to transformation. Here are some excerpts:

What's a book coach and why do you need one?

"Publishing a book isn't just about the writing, getting all the language and the editing and the book cover perfect. It's about "becoming an author," stepping into a new role. It's about shedding all those fears, just like with public speaking, putting yourself out there, being a little vulnerable and being much more visible as an author. It's helping people get through that process and step onto that larger stage."

How can writers break out of perfectionism?

"So many writers have a sense of not being enough, not knowing enough. You are complete, just as you are. The real value of writing your book is sharing your unique experience. Nobody has the insight that you can help other people with. Many of the authors I work with feel somehow compelled to tell their story so that they can empower others. That is a motivating factor in many authors' process. You keep working through the fears and eventually, you are an author."

How can we bring more gratitude into our lives?

  • Adopt a gratitude practice: Morning and night - focus on the people and things you love.
  • Thank you emails or phone calls:  Start out your day this way; it brings an energy into your life that starts building. 
  • Focusing on gratitude helps you focus on positive energy: When we're in stress, anxiety and overwhelm, we miss the richness of the rest of our lives. Gratitude changes that perspective.

Transformational  Moment

"The moment I met my husband. I was a skeptic about love and marriage. I had never seen it work before, so I didn't think it could work for me. But then I met this fantastic man - we've been together almost three decades. Tom is a extroverted, positive, happy person. He's had an incredible influence on my life."

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  • "Making deep connections - in life, in love, and in business, that's what it's all about."
  • "Authors - you've heard the advice, "write what you know." But what makes it connect with people is your personal story. How do you know what you know, how did you learn it? What is your process? What pain was involved? Usually there is some failure, or mistake or misstep that results in a realization. Share that story because everyone can relate to that experience."
  • "If you want to write book, or just to connect more deeply in your relationships - allow yourself to be vulnerable. Sometimes when you bond with someone, it's over something silly or funny or even painful, but when you allow yourself to be visible and let those barriers down, it will help you build your relationships and connections."

Thanks to Krystal Covington of Women of Denver, Ryan Kane of Hashtagitude for the video, and the audience in the studio who laughed at the right times. 

Watch the Show: Listen to the audio (above watch the show online or tune into Channel 57 in Denver at 6pm tonight - April 20th. 

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