The Four Keys to Influence with Krystal Covington

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"In order to have a big transformation, you have to have a jolt." Krystal Covington is the charismatic founder of Women of Denver. Her jolt was being told by her fiance that she appeared to other people as "unfriendly, like your personality has left the room." A classic introvert, Krystal could relax and be her engaging self one-on-one, but in a group of people, she withdrew and got quiet. In the meantime, she saw colleagues getting the promotions and perks she thought she deserved. 

So she turned to her extroverted fiance for help to learn the secrets of someone who is magnetic, whose energy influences the room as soon as he walks in. Embodying those skills, along with studying other successful leaders, resulted in greater recognition and success, as well as her workbook, The 4 Keys to Influence.

4 Keys to Influence

  • Presence - People are attracted to a powerful presence
  • Authority - You are legitimate for what you know and how you serve others
  • Consistency - You have to show up and be there, it builds trust
  • Visibility - The more people see and experience you, the more they'll feel a pull to want more - makes people comfortable as if you're a friend

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What's the impact that you want to make? "Help people be seen."

Positive attitude: "It's all about gratitude."

Practice for when you're meeting new people (and you're a little nervous): "Imagine five amazing things that will happen at that event.. That way you're on an exploration to capture those amazing things."

The 4 Keys to Influence
By Krystal N Covington

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