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Devon Kerns is passionate about his mission to help people cut through relationship pitfalls and finally find the crazy and passionate love they dream of. While Devon's relationship advice is for all of us, he focuses on singles to help them make good decisions before they make long-term commitments. His advice is to "get clear on who we want, on who has the characteristics that bring out the best in us."

Devon was a business coach who discovered that his clients' relationships had to grow along with them as they made transformations in their confidence and success. He learned from his married clients that when they looked back on the first 4-6 weeks of dating, they had consistently ignored the "red flags" and paid attention only to what they had in common with their date. 10-15 years into the marriage, those same flags were still issues in their relationships. Devon says, "Red flags aren't always bad or negative, sometimes it's just that our personalities conflict. What you need to do is fall in love with that person all over again."

Listen in to our interview to learn how to find the right personality to fit with your own. Do you want and need someone just like you? The opposite of your personality? Or some combination? I would love to hear your thoughts on Devon's advice for men and women... Please leave a comment!


"We spend so much money in this culture on learning how to make a buck, but none on getting to know ourselves better and what it takes to build a healthy relationship."

"Chemistry isn't the only element you need to have a thriving relationship."

To women on behalf of men: "We love you. Women are our world. We have built great cities and empires in pursuit of women. You are embedded in our DNA." "You're not going to get rid of men in your life, so you might as well know how we work." 

"When men are 'all in,' that's a highly sensitive and vulnerable space."


Devon's workshop for women is: Finally Understand Men

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