Three Keys To Unleashing Your Inner Author

In this podcast, I talk about the demons that creep into your head when you step up to write your  book and decide to put yourself out there in the world in a bigger way.

The demons I'm talking about are the doubts and insecurities we're dragging around. Like: What makes you think you can write a book?  Am I smart enough? Do I know enough? I'm not as good as those other experts, am I? Is my writing good enough? Would anyone read it? Would anyone care?

I have those doubts, you have them, and all the authors I work with have them, too. 

But when you let those doubts take over, you really let yourself down. There's no one else in the world with your experience and insight. You give your power away when you compare yourself with other people. Your contribution is unique.

The people you really let down are the readers who are missing out on what they could learn from you. 

So - how do you get over these doubts? I wish I could tell you that they all go away once you start writing, or when you're done writing, or when your book is published. But they don't. Not totally. A little creeping doubt may always be there. Maybe that's what keeps us humble. But it should not keep you from writing your book and unleashing your wisdom on the world. 

So listen in to the podcast for my three key tips to help conquer your fears and get you going on the path to becoming an author:

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