PP05 Author Nancy Rynes

Positively Powered with Amy Collette - Featuring Author Nancy Rynes on her Near Death Experience

Want a glimpse of heaven? Nancy shares the heavenly messages she brought back from her near-death experience. 

Nancy Rynes' life got turned upside down when she was run over while riding her bike. On this podcast, Nancy shares the harrowing story of her wreck and the deep spiritual awakening she had during her near death experience. She started out a skeptical, agnostic scientist, and wound up an awakened writer and artist with a joyous outlook on life.

Her near death experience is different from others you may have heard. According to Nancy:  "I was... gifted with several insights about life and living that I was asked to share with the world. And so my book, Awakenings from the Light, was born."

My favorite Nancy quote: "You don't have to be God, you can just be more positive and loving in your own little sphere." 

For more wise advice, listen in to the podcast to find out a few of the most important messages that Nancy brought back with her. These heavenly insights are for all of us, to help us live happier lives and connect more deeply with other people, with nature, and with Spirit.

Find Nancy, her book, and her art work at: NancyRynes.com