Neurostructural Healing with Dr. Jane Brewer

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 Dr. Jane Brewer with new friends and patients in Guatemala

Dr. Jane Brewer with new friends and patients in Guatemala

Wait 'til you hear Jane's enthusiasm and excitement about finding and living her life's work. It's hard not to get caught up in her positive outlook and love for what she does. In this podcast interview, she shares a life-changing experience that transformed her and called her to helping people regain their health. 

She completely changed her life and devoted years to becoming a healer in the Neurostructural school of chiropractic. It's a fresh approach that seeks to heal the root cause of health issues rather than provide just a temporary fix.

Traveling the world to help people who often have no other access to healthcare, Dr. Jane Brewer shares her passion for healing.

Listen to the interview:


Staying Healthy:

  • Our bodies are empowered to heal themselves
  • Avoid "text neck" by keeping your devices at eye level to ease the strain on your neck and spine
  • Find out how your health is like your lawn - mowing is not enough! You have to deal with the weeds before it's truly healthy.
  • A structural shift in the spine is the underlying cause of most health issues, from migraine headaches to seasonal allergies.


  • How we think about things affects how we react to situations
  • Love what you do
  • Celebrate other's successes

Success and Happiness:

  • Here's how Jane defines success:  "At the end of the day, do my friends and family know how much I love and appreciate them?"
  • "I've given my all in providing the best care for people"
  • My goal is to "give people their quality of life back"

Stress and Worry

  • "Get outside and get moving"


Find Dr. Jane Brewer at her new practice in Colorado. Her website provides great info on how to get to the root causes of your health issues. She offers a complimentary session to get to know you and find out how she can help.

Phone: 970-663-1617