Mind Hacking with Author John Hargrave

"I was bitten by a radioactive spider" is how this fun interview with John Hargrave starts, a joke about how he developed his system of "Mind Hacks." But the truth is that a terrifying visit from the Secret Service jolted him into realizing his life had to change. 

In this funny and fascinating talk, John shares his transformation from addiction and almost losing his family to finding a systematic way to keep himself positive, peaceful, and living in the moment.

John describes mind hacking as getting "out of our mind" and looking objectively at the "negative loops" going on in our heads. Then we can decide how to "hack" that bad programming and reprogram our minds for good.

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  • Mind games: Learn how to create your own Reality Distortion Field and how to play "What was my mind just thinking."  
  • "Our minds have unlimited potential- first part is becoming aware of what our minds are up to, identify negative loops, making a choice to replace them with the positive equivalent."
  • "Identify the virtues that are important to you - the qualities that you want your life to reflect. Write them down and regularly review them. Repetition, over time, really will turn you into that person."
  • Impact: John wants the "mind hacking movement to continue expand and become a real force in the world for good." 
  • Balance: Develop a sense of rhythm. You intuitively know when it's time to switch from work to family - develop a perception of that natural rhythm.
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Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days   

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