Millionaire Marketing with Debra Jason

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Debra Jason's new book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, helps entrepreneurs make the daunting task of marketing your business manageable - even fun. She hopes to encourage and empower small business people to "step outside their comfort zone, to follow the strategies in the book to increase their visibility and grow their business, and to create a lifestyle that they love."

Although she's a "big fan" of social media marketing, she emphasizes face-to-face connections as a valuable way to grow your business, too. These connections help you build the KLT (Know, Like, Trust) factor that makes you the go-to person to do business with or refer to friends.

In this informative interview, Debra shares some of her favorite strategies for growing your business and attracting happy customers who you love to work with.

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Favorite strategy for visibility and exposure is speaking. It's also the most fun. 

What should you speak about? Make two lists - what are you knowledgeable about? What are you passionate about?

Take a leadership role in your business. Get involved in organizations. Volunteer to be on a committee, help out and become more visible.

On staying positive:

Journal what you're grateful for.

Have an attitude of success - instead of assuming that prospects might say no, assume that people will say yes! 

Feel the fear and do it anyway: Imagine the worst scenario and then imagine the best.

On worry and stress: 

To get over fears - keep moving forward.  Take a step toward your goal, such as going to Toastmasters if you're afraid of speaking.

Avoiding overwhelm - take small steps, don't try everything at once.


By Debra Jason, Foreword by Joel Comm


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