Get Turned On In Life, Love, and Business with Speaker Joanna Kennedy

This week on Positively Powered (the podcast for people using their powers for good!) I talked with Passion and Intimacy Expert Joanna Kennedy. I thought it was good timing to get us in the mood for Valentine's Day to ask Joanna about how to positively affect our relationships in all areas of our lives. 

Joanna specializes in helping singles and couples who struggle with love and sex to put the healthy, hot and happy back into dating and relating. She helps her clients create a life where they fall in love over and over again, where the sex stays hot, and the love runs deep.  

Joanna's transformation took her from finding success in the male-dominated, high-tech corporate world, but at the cost of giving up her essence and having unhealthy relationships. Her adventure took her on a journey to find herself and how to nurture rich, loving, passionate relationships. Now she teaches women and men about how to bring more meaning and passion to themselves and their relationships. 

In our interview, Joanna shares what it means to get "turned on" and passionate about everything - life, love, and business. Listen in and find out how to get Joanna's free gifts, including the Passionate Love Jumpstart Kit.

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"The masculine energy of a man is fueled by the light and the presence and the juiciness of the feminine."

"Happiness has become quite elusive, orgasms have become more elusive, and heartbreak more common. That's what I want to put an end to. And recreate relationships that are healthy, happy, and hot!"

How to stay positive: "I have to feel my own value - put me on the priority list. If I don't take care of me first, I can't take care of my clients. I need to stay connected to what this body, this spirit, this soul needs."

On relationships: "It doesn't have to be perfect - imperfect is probably more exciting!"

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