From Bitch to Rich with Bernadette Boas

Positively Powered with Author Bernadette Boas

Have you ever had a micromanaging, nightmare boss? Bernadette admits to being one - what she calls the “Ultimate Corporate Bitch.” Now she teaches women and organizations about collaborative business and moving from bitch to rich.

Her transformation finally came with a “pink slip to freedom” when she was laid off of her corporate job.

Bernadette says, “Out of that struggle came a “shift to riches” mindset.  "It hurts to see pain that I’ve caused. I realized that I had been a nasty person, acting entitled, with an attitude to go with it. I had to confront that bitch to peel away the fears and insecurities to discover riches.”

I asked Bernadette what made her want to turn her story into a book. She said,  “When I realized I had been wreaking havoc on other peoples’ lives, I needed to write it. It needed to be an apology, I had to take responsibility. I wasn’t looking for forgiveness, but to share an understanding about how I got there. I had to forgive myself. I’m much more successful now working collaboratively and serving others.”

She added, “People I use to work with think I’ve had a facelift - being a happier person looks good!”

Bernadette gives some great advice about how to make the shift to a more positive perspective - listen to the podcast now!

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