Conscious Millionaire JV Crum III

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"Intense is my middle name" is how JV Crum describes himself, and it fits him perfectly. His positive energy is infectious, and he loves to share his ideas and systems for success. In this interview, JV describes how to discover your purpose as well as how to switch your perspective from lack to abundance.

His transformation began at the age of five when he decided to be a millionaire when he grew up and he never gave up on that vision. Listen in to JV's compelling life story and how he started Conscious Millionaire to help other heart-centered entrepreneurs build a successful business while making a difference. 

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Personal motto: "Trust perfect timing."

"When you are present and being authentic, the people come into your life that you're supposed to connect to." 

"Hold on to what you believe is true - don't let anybody talk you out of it. Don't give up the dream that you were born to have."

"When you're in big service in a way that your market wants, that's when you make your millions of dollars



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