Activate Your Inner Vision with Author Charlotte Haymore

"There's an inner vision, an inner beauty, an inner message in all of us."

Charlotte's inspirational journey to her vision spans more than 30 years. As she was achieving success as a trainer, board member, and entrepreneur, her dream of being a speaker and author was put on hold. She shares her sometimes painful story and provides a roadmap for the rest of us to follow our own dreams and activate our vision NOW.

The culmination of one of Charlotte's dreams is the launch of her terrific new book, Activate Your Inner Vision. 

Discouraged by two important people in her life, Charlotte took their reactions to mean that she should not follow her vision to be a speaker and help others. Finally Charlotte revisited that vision and decided to write her book and launch her speaking and coaching career. She said, "Even though you put your life's dreams on hold, whenever you finally realize what your dreams are, it's time to activate your vision, to do what God has called you to do. What I was called to do is to write and speak about life and dreams and vision."

I asked Charlotte to explain the difference between dreams and vision. She said, "The dream is the thoughts you have about your future, the idea of who you're going to be. It's images that you see. But dreams tend to happen in an inactive state of mind. They mean nothing until you decide to do something about them. It's dreams about who you could be. Vision, on the other hand, is that intuitive awakening on the inside that presents to your mind's eye an image of who you will be, if you do your part."

Charlotte explained that usually people who discourage our dreams are really trying to protect us.  "It takes the individual a long time to realize the message that God has put on the inside, so you can understand that those standing on the outside are having an even more difficult time." Her advice is to listen to your heart and activate your vision.

As she shares her devastating loss of her son Glenn in our interview and in her book, Charlotte also explains how she was inspired by Glenn's unwavering devotion to his dream, activating his vision at a very young age. Even when he fell off his bike, he never lost his determination to fulfill his vision of being an expert stunt man. Knowing that he died doing what he absolutely loved gives her some comfort and fuels her determination to to fulfill her own vision. Charlotte said, "It's my anchor now. It's never, ever too late to do what you are supposed to do with your life."

I'm inspired by Charlotte and I know you will be too. 

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Charlotte's RISE Principles - are based on Maya Angelou's poem And Still I Rise

  • R - Recognize and receive the vision that's implanted on the inside in each of us
  • I  - Ignore the doubt and fear, what others think and say
  • S - Start a strategic plan
  • E - Exercise your faith and embrace the vision 

On staying positive: "We have little control over what thoughts come into our minds, but we have all the control over the thoughts that dwell in our minds."

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