Impact Founder with Kristin Darga


All entrepreneurs struggle, from Elon Musk to the newbie just launching their startup. While the challenges change, they all need support, encouragement, and perspective. 

Kristin Darga's book and organization, both titled Impact Founder, provide inspirational stories and photos of entrepreneurs who are risking it all to make a difference.

Kristin first saw the need for this kind of community and support after three young entrepreneurs died in 2014. She created a stunning art installation of artwork featuring entrepreneurs and their stories, and in 2017 turned it into a beautiful and compelling book.

Of her own experience in business as a Leadership Coach, Kristin says, "We expand as human beings at every stage. Every time we take on something new, we peel a layer away from ourselves and what we are protecting ourselves from."

Kristin's journey to become an author reflects that growth. "Launching the book may be one of the harder things I've ever done. It was totally out of my comfort zone."

But she was motivated by her passion to make a difference in the entrepreneurial world so that people don't feel isolated or alone while dealing with anxiety tremendous pressure.  "I'm very proud of being an author. I don't even believe it sometimes. I wouldn't have gotten the book done if it hadn't been for Amy."

Amy says, "Kristin is my poster child for how to get a book done. Together we set a long-term vision and she just kept working toward it. And - Kristen threw the best launch party I've been to in a long time!"

Listen in to the interview:

Awakening Your Feminine Spirit with Stacie Ivey

Positively Powered Featuring Author and Coach Stacie Ivey

Once Stacie Ivey got the book-writing bug, she unleashed three books at once! 

She says she has always had the dream of being an author. "I knew I had this book inside of me that needed to come out. But because of my own confidence issues and ways that I blocked myself, it took me awhile." 

Stacie took my "Unleash Your Inner Author" course, and then we worked together on her book in private sessions. Stacie said, "The in-person course helped me connect with that knowing that I wanted to write the book. "Awakening Your Feminine Spirit - the book and the workbook,  - came out in March 2017, along with my children's book, Before the Veil."

In the podcast, we focused on Stacie's first book, Awakening Your Feminine Spirit. 

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Amy: Tell us about your book and what we'll learn from it.


Over time, the book had many evolutions - it's partially a memoir, but has many other components. Working through it, I found what helped me overcome my struggles. The book is about balancing the masculine and feminine energies

It is about the concept of feminine energy - how to receive how to be, connect with your higher self, step out of limiting ways our that ego is holding us back. It's about creativity, and synchronicity. Awakening Your Feminine Spirit is written in three parts:

  • Sacred Surrender: What do you need to let go of? What is limiting and keeping you from serving the world in bigger ways?
  • Sacred Embodiment : Our bodies are tremendous vessels for healing. We have all the elements of nature within us coming back to the grounded feeling of earth.
  • Sacred Expansion: Opening up to miracles and synchronicities and the power of love, creating the life that is the best for us individually and collectively.

Everyone can find something in the book that works for them, women and men. I invite you to try the exercises to find out how to make transformation in your own life.

Amy: With raising a family and working, what helped you stay focused and complete the book? 


I learned that I had to carve out time to write, that really helped me make progress. I find that the energy of creativity is a higher vibrational energy, just like gratitude. The more I stayed in that energy, I was able to accomplish what I needed. When I got caught up in other aspects of life too much, I would get blocked and the creative flow would stop. I learned to devote myself to the sacred time of writing.

Amy: Why is it important that we connect with the feminine aspect?


Aspects of the feminine have been really forgotten and lost - intuition, unconditional love and compassion. The idea is that we are sacred and everything is interconnected. The feminine is the path back to the truest essence of ourselves.

The feminine also represents fierce warrior goddess energy, which is powerful for men and women to connect with. The focus has been on the masculine - pushing forward, linear thinking. While all that is good and necessary, what’s been missing is the inner authority, intuition, trusting the flow of life the way water flows.

Amy: Stacie, I love the first lines of the book: "She comes as a calling, a sort of bubbling from within, tapping lightly at first and asking gently for you to listen." Who is "she?"


It's hard to describe, but "she" is the feminine face of god. She is creation, she is beauty, she is strength, she is empathy; unconditional love. She is that essence that is within all of us, and that we are all one.

Amy: How do we learn to be intuitive?


There are a lot of different ways. We are all intuitive. Meditating is easy once we know what works for our own physiology. Yoga is meditation in motion. It's considered a medical practice in India. Intuition is easier than we think - it's trusting in our inner wisdom and guidance.

Awakening Your Feminine Spirit is a guide to help you see that this isn’t so hard - we’re all in this journey together.

Contacting Stacie



How to be "Ultra Spiritual" with YouTube Star JP Sears


You may know JP Sears as a spiritual coach and YouTube comedian. He is an internationally known speaker and producer of the popular YouTube "Ultra Spiritual" and "Awaken with JP" video series.

Now he's becoming an author! JP's book,  How to be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority, is being launched in March, 2017. As you can see from the title, JP likes to joke about taking life too seriously. He has an amazing talent for making people laugh and loosen up, which makes delving into the deeper stuff less scary and serious. My favorite example is this quote: "Writing a book is probably like conceiving a child and giving birth to it, only it takes a lot more energy and focus. And less orgasm."   

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JP on language: Since 'positive' and 'podcast' both start with 'p,' they probably come from the same Latin root word... I'm sure there's ancient Latin words that mean podcast.

But seriously, there is a lot of power in language. It's the energy of connection.

JP on his background: University wasn't for me. I got into holistic exercise in San Diego and got passionate about helping people with their health. That led me into nutrition, another piece of the (hopefully gluten-free) breadcrumb trail. That all led to emotional healing work.  Now I do speaking, workshops, and retreats, as well as some coaching.

JP on YouTube videos : I discovered that video is an incredible method of artistic expression. I had really repressed my humor, so I started to let it come out in video. I find new messages and speak my perspective through the language of humor.

Amy on writing: When you're getting stuck writing, go do something fun. Or write something funny. Everybody has a funny story that they love to tell, or a joke, or something a little raunchy that gets you out of being so serious.

Gluten Freedom

Amy: One of my favorites in the Ultra Spiritual series is  How to Become Gluten Intolerant. (Here's a teaser: "Gluten Intolerance is the hottest eating trend in the New Age community since we discovered we don't have to eat animals. Gluten is the new animal you don't have to eat.")

JP: I've been gluten-free about 15 years. I had to do that video for myself because I was getting too dogmatic about it. I had to have a laugh at myself.

Law of Attraction Delusion

Amy: One of my favorite "serious" videos that blew my mind is your "Law of Attraction Delusion." Can you give us your theory in a nutshell?

JP: The law of attraction is typically interpreted in a one-dimensional way to gratify our ego. "Whatever I want, I make the Universe give me that. I make the Universe happen." That's the "magical mind of the child." There has been a lot of capitalization on that ego need. The law of attraction plays on the idea that I manifest things based on my dominant thoughts.

Maybe the worst thing is the world is to always get what our ego wants.

The better question is to ask, "What part of us wants that, and why?" These wants may be compensating for an internal sense of insignificance. What's most important is to go into those wounds of insignificance  and address them.

A more mature psychology is looking to realize that whatever we want, it's already there: richness, abundance. A three-dimensional mindset is "Let me realize how those experiences of abundance are already present."

Amy: That idea aligns with gratitude: rather than looking at what is lacking, looking at what is available right now. What's going well.


JP: Balance is the ultimate expression of positivity.  It's important to feel all your feelings, not just the positive ones: hurtful feelings, painful feelings, feeling them. 

Amy: What's your mission? What's the impact that you hope your work has on the world?

JP: Helping people help themselves to connect to themselves and connect to their sense of meaning and purpose. A lot of the world's problems are generated because people feel meaningless and purposeless. When we don't have meaning, we will create things to have a temporary gratification of meaning. If I need to be against you, or against another country, we will do hurtful things to other people to anxiously go after a sense of meaning. Finding a sense of purpose may not solve all the world's problems, but it gives you a damn big quality of life.

Becoming an Author

Amy: Tell us about your journey to becoming an author.

JP: I didn't really decide to become an author. I had publishing companies reach out to me because they liked my content and knew it could sell. They asked me, "Would you like to write a book?" The answer was yes, I do want to write a book in a comedic fashion. It felt like a "yes" deep inside. But writing a book is scary, it's quite an undertaking. Writing a book is probably like conceiving a child and giving birth to it, only it takes a lot more energy and focus. And less orgasm. It was a beautiful experience writing the book.  The book is called: How to be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority, coming out in March 2017.

Connect with JP

Find JP all over the internet!

Facebook: AwakenWithJP

Youtube: AwakenWithJP



Bridging True Love Connection and Healing with Vicki Draper

When Animal Communicator Vicki Draper became an author, she said, "it was like a piece of me was complete. It was like coming home to myself. So it gave me more presence in my business. It gave me more confidence - I'm an author!"

Vicki was born with a gift for healing, which she realized as a child when her cat was healed of a terminal illness.

Vicki also has a smart, analytical  mind, so she first went the path of a high-tech career. But when she realized it was not her calling, she says that she "Chose to fill my heart with the light," making the choice to leave her corporate job and follow her passion of helping animals.

"Ever since I made that leap of faith it has opened my world, and now I have fulfilled my dream of being an author."

Along with training to become a licensed massage and acupressure practitioner, Vicki designed an animal healing and connection group. "I had no idea of the powerful transformations that would take place - it's been beautiful to watch." Her first book, Bridging True Love Connection and Healing Between You and Your Animals, is based on the techniques developed for that group.

Listen to the interview >>

Here are a few highlights from our talk:

Amy: What is the impact you hope to have with your book?

Vicki: "Heart opening. The animals are pure and natural and are just waiting for us to connect more fully with them. So we can access that beautiful heart energy that they provide for us. When that happens, it means we're happier, it means the world's happier. The animals are definitely happier when we connect with them.

Everything has an energy. So when we're happy, that has a different vibration from when we're sad or angry. Our animals are sensitive about what goes on in our environment. Animals pick up on our stress. In general they are more sensitive to that energy than people. They can get out of balance, trying to take on our stress to help us. It's important to take care of them. Vicki's clearing techniques help to release the stress from yourself and your animals."

Amy: Presales are a powerful way to make the most of your book launch. Can you tell us how you were so successful with marketing presales of your book? 

Vicki: I was so excited (about the book) that it was just what I naturally decided to do. Looking back at it, it was pretty smart! At my introductory workshops I posted a copy of the cover of my book and announced that it would be available in a few weeks. People got excited about it and prepaid for it. Some people really like to be the first to have something.

Amy: How has having your book helped you grow your business?

Vicki: "Because I had the dream of being an author, it actually shifted my energy. When I became an author, it was like a piece of me was complete. It was like coming home to myself. So it gave me more presence in my business. It gave me more confidence - I'm an author!
Some places are very interested in promoting authors, so it's opened up those venues.
Having a book also offers people another layer of support that they can take home with them right then."

Connect with Vicki


Free gift: 5 Important Things Your Vet Won't Tell You

Workshops and Events: 
Animal Connection and Healing Group

Book signing:
October 5 at Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park


Motivating the Middle with Speaker and Author TJ Sullivan

TJ Sullivan is a national speaker, author and self-proclaimed "Alpha" male who doesn't often reveal his "touchy-feely" side. But in this interview he opens up about what it takes to stay positive, to build meaningful organizations, and engage those forgotten treasures in your organization: the people in the middle.  

In this podcast we cover everything from doing standup comedy to how he has educated over 2 million students about HIV and wrote a small book that's a big hit with his audiences.

TJ became a national speaker somewhat by accident, presenting AIDS awareness programs on college campuses after a close friend was diagnosed with HIV.

Leadership is his topic now, and initially he had no interest in writing a book. He was getting plenty of speaking engagements without it, but his audience wanted more. So eventually he gave in and wrote a small, very focused book that is now in its second edition,  used in leadership courses on campuses.

TJ's book, Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in College Student Organizations, focuses on the "middle third" that is often forgotten. It's about engagement the how the energy people bring to an organization affects the life of the organization.

The thirds he discusses are:

  1. The top third of people who are highly engaged. They are the leaders, the folks who are always there, who drive the organization.
  2. The middle third are the average members who show up regularly and are mostly there for the relationships. They want balance with their many other obligations.
  3. The bottom third are barely engaged; they are taking more from the organization than they're giving. Organizations often focus on this third rather than the middle third.

TJ recommends focusing on the middle - instead of focusing on the people who don't care, or those who are already on board, focus on those in the middle to help them become more engaged. They need: balance, want interactions to be enjoyable, and relationships are important. They have different needs than the top third, so focus on what their needs are rather than trying to make them into top third people.

TJ's advice on staying positive: 

  • Identify those people who are the true friends in your life. Invest in those people. 
  • Find the small victories and learn how to enjoy them. Find joy in the smaller things.
  • Love without expectation

Listen to the podcast now >>

Connect with TJ:






From Bitch to Rich with Bernadette Boas

Positively Powered with Author Bernadette Boas

Have you ever had a micromanaging, nightmare boss? Bernadette admits to being one - what she calls the “Ultimate Corporate Bitch.” Now she teaches women and organizations about collaborative business and moving from bitch to rich.

Her transformation finally came with a “pink slip to freedom” when she was laid off of her corporate job.

Bernadette says, “Out of that struggle came a “shift to riches” mindset.  "It hurts to see pain that I’ve caused. I realized that I had been a nasty person, acting entitled, with an attitude to go with it. I had to confront that bitch to peel away the fears and insecurities to discover riches.”

I asked Bernadette what made her want to turn her story into a book. She said,  “When I realized I had been wreaking havoc on other peoples’ lives, I needed to write it. It needed to be an apology, I had to take responsibility. I wasn’t looking for forgiveness, but to share an understanding about how I got there. I had to forgive myself. I’m much more successful now working collaboratively and serving others.”

She added, “People I use to work with think I’ve had a facelift - being a happier person looks good!”

Bernadette gives some great advice about how to make the shift to a more positive perspective - listen to the podcast now!

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Connect - Contact Bernadette for a complementary consulting session

Sales Success with Judy Hoberman

Judy Hoberman of Selling in a Skirt has been in sales over 30 years. But she says, "I've never sold anybody anything - ever. It's about a conversation. People do business with those they know and trust. Referrals, recommendations, and repeat business come from those relationships."

As the only woman in many of the businesses she has worked with, Judy notices the ways that men and women do business. She says, "Women - you don't have to be one of the boys, but at the same time, don't turn your back on the way they do business."

In her book, Selling in a Skirt, Judy shares her SKIRT philosophy:

S - standing out
K - keys to success
I - inspiration
R - results
T - time management

Judy shares some great stories about building unlikely relationships that last years and become partnerships as well as friendships.

On becoming an author: Judy said, "I never wanted to become an author. I didn't want to write a book." But her business coach kept making it a goal until Judy finally did it. Her coach knew that Judy's ideas and years of experience would be incredibly valuable for other women in business. 

Judy says, "I use my book as a calling card. I have sent it out to people I thought I might never get in front of without a book. A book really does give you credibility." 

"For some reason, when you have a book, people think that you are the expert. When you are building a business, you have to be the expert. You know your business better than anybody else."


Impact: "Women - you are more than enough. You have to believe in what you're doing."

Positivity: "It's not always rosy, not always upbeat, not always fun. But you have to go back to why you started your business. If you're doing something amazing and you get praise for it, ask people to write it down. On those days when you're not positive, you're not having fun. Pull those notes out and remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Your day will change, your life will change, your business will change."

Advice for people just starting out in business and sales: "As an entrepreneur, you are selling you. Figure out who you want to play with - that's your community. Then find out what the problem is that you can solve. Then sell it to them. It's about having a conversation."

By Judy Hoberman

Find Judy at: Selling in a Skirt

What's a Book Coach and why do I need one?

Featured on Inside the Women of Denver TV

I'm excited to be featured on Krystal Covington's talk show, Inside the Women of Denver! Listen to the audio (below) or watch the show online.

In this interview we cover a lot of ground, from book coaching to gratitude to transformation. Here are some excerpts:

What's a book coach and why do you need one?

"Publishing a book isn't just about the writing, getting all the language and the editing and the book cover perfect. It's about "becoming an author," stepping into a new role. It's about shedding all those fears, just like with public speaking, putting yourself out there, being a little vulnerable and being much more visible as an author. It's helping people get through that process and step onto that larger stage."

How can writers break out of perfectionism?

"So many writers have a sense of not being enough, not knowing enough. You are complete, just as you are. The real value of writing your book is sharing your unique experience. Nobody has the insight that you can help other people with. Many of the authors I work with feel somehow compelled to tell their story so that they can empower others. That is a motivating factor in many authors' process. You keep working through the fears and eventually, you are an author."

How can we bring more gratitude into our lives?

  • Adopt a gratitude practice: Morning and night - focus on the people and things you love.
  • Thank you emails or phone calls:  Start out your day this way; it brings an energy into your life that starts building. 
  • Focusing on gratitude helps you focus on positive energy: When we're in stress, anxiety and overwhelm, we miss the richness of the rest of our lives. Gratitude changes that perspective.

Transformational  Moment

"The moment I met my husband. I was a skeptic about love and marriage. I had never seen it work before, so I didn't think it could work for me. But then I met this fantastic man - we've been together almost three decades. Tom is a extroverted, positive, happy person. He's had an incredible influence on my life."

Listen to the podcast >>


  • "Making deep connections - in life, in love, and in business, that's what it's all about."
  • "Authors - you've heard the advice, "write what you know." But what makes it connect with people is your personal story. How do you know what you know, how did you learn it? What is your process? What pain was involved? Usually there is some failure, or mistake or misstep that results in a realization. Share that story because everyone can relate to that experience."
  • "If you want to write book, or just to connect more deeply in your relationships - allow yourself to be vulnerable. Sometimes when you bond with someone, it's over something silly or funny or even painful, but when you allow yourself to be visible and let those barriers down, it will help you build your relationships and connections."

Thanks to Krystal Covington of Women of Denver, Ryan Kane of Hashtagitude for the video, and the audience in the studio who laughed at the right times. 

Watch the Show: Listen to the audio (above watch the show online or tune into Channel 57 in Denver at 6pm tonight - April 20th. 

Free Resources for Authors

 If this has you fired up about finally writing your book, please go download the free Author Resources and look for ongoing writing tips to help you reach your book-writing goal!

Advice for Authors - How much of your personal story should you reveal?

Positively Powered - Advice for Authors

Have you thought about how much of yourself you would put into your book? How much is TMI?

A lot of business and leadership authors leave themselves out of the story, like stealthy onlookers to their own creation. But any time you're helping someone with personal or professional development, the topic is transformation. As a reader, I want to know how you got there: What's your story about finding your purpose, your passion? How did you get so fired up about it that you just had to write a book? How did your transformation happen? And most of all - can you teach me how to get there?

The people who pick up your book are attracted to you for some reason and want some of the magic that you've found, whether that's happiness, success, purpose, love, creativity - whatever it is that you write about. They need to connect with you on a personal level. But how much should you reveal? It's scary enough to become an author - do you need to start from birth and give every detail of your life? Do you need to share all your deep, dark secrets? 

In this podcast, I talk about several authors who take different approaches, from listing just their credentials to revealing everything but their nude photos. You get to decide what's right for you.

Listen in to learn a practical exercise to work through how to talk about yourself and how to discover what's best for the people you hope to impact - the readers who will become your loyal fans.

Listen now >>


Free Author Resources:

Some of the examples that I talk about in the podcast:

 Find out what it looks like for an author who tells all (and why): Penelope Trunk blog

Activate Your Inner Vision with Author Charlotte Haymore

"There's an inner vision, an inner beauty, an inner message in all of us."

Charlotte's inspirational journey to her vision spans more than 30 years. As she was achieving success as a trainer, board member, and entrepreneur, her dream of being a speaker and author was put on hold. She shares her sometimes painful story and provides a roadmap for the rest of us to follow our own dreams and activate our vision NOW.

The culmination of one of Charlotte's dreams is the launch of her terrific new book, Activate Your Inner Vision. 

Discouraged by two important people in her life, Charlotte took their reactions to mean that she should not follow her vision to be a speaker and help others. Finally Charlotte revisited that vision and decided to write her book and launch her speaking and coaching career. She said, "Even though you put your life's dreams on hold, whenever you finally realize what your dreams are, it's time to activate your vision, to do what God has called you to do. What I was called to do is to write and speak about life and dreams and vision."

I asked Charlotte to explain the difference between dreams and vision. She said, "The dream is the thoughts you have about your future, the idea of who you're going to be. It's images that you see. But dreams tend to happen in an inactive state of mind. They mean nothing until you decide to do something about them. It's dreams about who you could be. Vision, on the other hand, is that intuitive awakening on the inside that presents to your mind's eye an image of who you will be, if you do your part."

Charlotte explained that usually people who discourage our dreams are really trying to protect us.  "It takes the individual a long time to realize the message that God has put on the inside, so you can understand that those standing on the outside are having an even more difficult time." Her advice is to listen to your heart and activate your vision.

As she shares her devastating loss of her son Glenn in our interview and in her book, Charlotte also explains how she was inspired by Glenn's unwavering devotion to his dream, activating his vision at a very young age. Even when he fell off his bike, he never lost his determination to fulfill his vision of being an expert stunt man. Knowing that he died doing what he absolutely loved gives her some comfort and fuels her determination to to fulfill her own vision. Charlotte said, "It's my anchor now. It's never, ever too late to do what you are supposed to do with your life."

I'm inspired by Charlotte and I know you will be too. 

Listen to the podcast now >>



Charlotte's RISE Principles - are based on Maya Angelou's poem And Still I Rise

  • R - Recognize and receive the vision that's implanted on the inside in each of us
  • I  - Ignore the doubt and fear, what others think and say
  • S - Start a strategic plan
  • E - Exercise your faith and embrace the vision 

On staying positive: "We have little control over what thoughts come into our minds, but we have all the control over the thoughts that dwell in our minds."

Contact the Author

Contact Charlotte about her Coaching and Workshops:


Charlotte offers a 30-minute free consultation to help you activate your inner vision

Charlotte's Book Launch

Saturday April 2nd 2:30 - 5pm
Heather Gardens Clubhouse - Mountain View Room
2888 S. Heather Gardens Way, Aurora, CO 80014

The Four Keys to Influence with Krystal Covington

Positively Powered with Amy Collette Featuring Power Connector Krystal Covington

"In order to have a big transformation, you have to have a jolt." Krystal Covington is the charismatic founder of Women of Denver. Her jolt was being told by her fiance that she appeared to other people as "unfriendly, like your personality has left the room." A classic introvert, Krystal could relax and be her engaging self one-on-one, but in a group of people, she withdrew and got quiet. In the meantime, she saw colleagues getting the promotions and perks she thought she deserved. 

So she turned to her extroverted fiance for help to learn the secrets of someone who is magnetic, whose energy influences the room as soon as he walks in. Embodying those skills, along with studying other successful leaders, resulted in greater recognition and success, as well as her workbook, The 4 Keys to Influence.

4 Keys to Influence

  • Presence - People are attracted to a powerful presence
  • Authority - You are legitimate for what you know and how you serve others
  • Consistency - You have to show up and be there, it builds trust
  • Visibility - The more people see and experience you, the more they'll feel a pull to want more - makes people comfortable as if you're a friend

Listen to the interview now >



What's the impact that you want to make? "Help people be seen."

Positive attitude: "It's all about gratitude."

Practice for when you're meeting new people (and you're a little nervous): "Imagine five amazing things that will happen at that event.. That way you're on an exploration to capture those amazing things."

The 4 Keys to Influence
By Krystal N Covington

Contact Krystal

Find out about all the things that Krystal is involved in and how to connect with her at:

Connect with Krystal and other influential women at Women of Denver events


Bringing Inspiration to Earth

Featuring Author and Radio Host Robert Sharpe

"If you're an author and you want to make a difference, write about what made a difference to you."

Robert Sharpe took his own wise advice and finally made the leap to follow his life purpose. He has created two powerfully positive books and his radio show, Bringing Inspiration to Earth.  

In this interview, Robert and I discussed how people's adversity can often lead to something positive. An example he gave was the response from women to author Donna Andersen, a guest on his show. Her story about her marriage to a sociopath helped several of his listeners to escape from a similar situation. One listener told Robert hearing Donna on the show actually saved her life.

Robert's advice to budding authors is: "If you want to write something  unique, that no one else has written about, then write about yourself. Each story is unique in it's own way. It does take courage, but it's worth writing about. Share your struggles and success - that's what people gravitate toward."

Robert said, "someone is always going to be critical. But as an author, the purpose is to increase the consciousness of people. Focus on how you can contribute." Your book can be a reference, something a reader can return to time and time again. Your book can last beyond your own existence. Your words go on beyond you, and create a ripple effect. 

Listen to the interview now >>


By R. P. Sharpe
By R. P. Sharpe
 Robert's Radio Show

Robert's Radio Show


Get Turned On In Life, Love, and Business with Speaker Joanna Kennedy

This week on Positively Powered (the podcast for people using their powers for good!) I talked with Passion and Intimacy Expert Joanna Kennedy. I thought it was good timing to get us in the mood for Valentine's Day to ask Joanna about how to positively affect our relationships in all areas of our lives. 

Joanna specializes in helping singles and couples who struggle with love and sex to put the healthy, hot and happy back into dating and relating. She helps her clients create a life where they fall in love over and over again, where the sex stays hot, and the love runs deep.  

Joanna's transformation took her from finding success in the male-dominated, high-tech corporate world, but at the cost of giving up her essence and having unhealthy relationships. Her adventure took her on a journey to find herself and how to nurture rich, loving, passionate relationships. Now she teaches women and men about how to bring more meaning and passion to themselves and their relationships. 

In our interview, Joanna shares what it means to get "turned on" and passionate about everything - life, love, and business. Listen in and find out how to get Joanna's free gifts, including the Passionate Love Jumpstart Kit.

Listen to the
podcast now >>



"The masculine energy of a man is fueled by the light and the presence and the juiciness of the feminine."

"Happiness has become quite elusive, orgasms have become more elusive, and heartbreak more common. That's what I want to put an end to. And recreate relationships that are healthy, happy, and hot!"

How to stay positive: "I have to feel my own value - put me on the priority list. If I don't take care of me first, I can't take care of my clients. I need to stay connected to what this body, this spirit, this soul needs."

On relationships: "It doesn't have to be perfect - imperfect is probably more exciting!"

Free Gifts

Passionate Love Jumpstart Kit: 9 Key things to grow a powerfully passionate relationship. 7 practices for great sex, Tip sheet: 8 Secrets to Lasting Love and Passion

Contact: Center for Happiness, Love, and Pleasure

Jumping Into the Parade with Author Tim Brown

Positively Powered with Amy Collette Featuring Author Tim Brown

Tim Brown was living the American dream for anyone looking in from outside.  He had a growing business, a beautiful family, and a busy social life. Like many of us, Tim had always equated his self-worth with his work, buying into the idea that if you "make it in the world out there, and you'll be fine in here." 

But after losing millions of dollars when the economy went south in 2009, he came close to suicide more than once. Jumping Into the Parade is Tim's story about finding his path back to life and a new definition of happiness and success. Tim explains,  "Jumping into the parade means not being afraid to follow your heart. Not being afraid to be who you are. Embrace all of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly. When we love ourselves, we can better love other people. It's a journey."

Gratitude is a major theme in Tim's book and provided him a new path to "living from the inside out." He says, "Without gratitude, you can't access joy. And without joy, you can't access peace." Now Tim is even grateful for going through that dark time. "It was the greatest gift that was ever given to me. We have a real opportunity with our stories to inspire other people. When you're willing to be vulnerable and share it, you can make a difference."

I asked about the impact the book has had on his readers: "It was very positive because I opened up my heart. I felt helpless, I felt alone. I wanted to share, here's what worked for me. People write me to share their stories."

Then I asked about his experience as a first-time author: "After the book came out, I felt a lot of shame about sharing so much of my pain. But the response was beyond any expectations I might have ever had. I thought people would judge me, think differently of me. There was an unbelievable outpouring of support."

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By Tim Brown


Tim laughs at the idea that public speaking is the biggest fear of humans. "The number one fear of humans is abandonment. We give up who we are to please other people. When we do that we are not able to jump into the parade by not living in our integrity."

"Our words matter. If you want to change your life, start by changing your words."

On happiness and success: "It's based now on how I'm feeling on the inside, the relationships I have, how I'm helping other people. It has shifted into a state of being."

By Tim Brown, Dan Streeter


Recommended movie: Seven Days in Utopia - about the lies we tell ourselves

Rock your relationship with Devon Kerns

Positively Powered with Amy Collette Featuring Devon Kerns


Devon Kerns is passionate about his mission to help people cut through relationship pitfalls and finally find the crazy and passionate love they dream of. While Devon's relationship advice is for all of us, he focuses on singles to help them make good decisions before they make long-term commitments. His advice is to "get clear on who we want, on who has the characteristics that bring out the best in us."

Devon was a business coach who discovered that his clients' relationships had to grow along with them as they made transformations in their confidence and success. He learned from his married clients that when they looked back on the first 4-6 weeks of dating, they had consistently ignored the "red flags" and paid attention only to what they had in common with their date. 10-15 years into the marriage, those same flags were still issues in their relationships. Devon says, "Red flags aren't always bad or negative, sometimes it's just that our personalities conflict. What you need to do is fall in love with that person all over again."

Listen in to our interview to learn how to find the right personality to fit with your own. Do you want and need someone just like you? The opposite of your personality? Or some combination? I would love to hear your thoughts on Devon's advice for men and women... Please leave a comment!


"We spend so much money in this culture on learning how to make a buck, but none on getting to know ourselves better and what it takes to build a healthy relationship."

"Chemistry isn't the only element you need to have a thriving relationship."

To women on behalf of men: "We love you. Women are our world. We have built great cities and empires in pursuit of women. You are embedded in our DNA." "You're not going to get rid of men in your life, so you might as well know how we work." 

"When men are 'all in,' that's a highly sensitive and vulnerable space."


Devon's workshop for women is: Finally Understand Men

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