Manuscript Evaluation
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An in-depth evaluation of your manuscript includes:

  • Strong points - This highlights where your voice and your message is particularly powerful.
  • Main themes - A list of the main themes that come across while reading the book. This is a good way to see if you have made the main points you want to communicate.
  • Ideal readers - This is a list I gather from you and from my impression of who you are addressing in your writing. I may also include other types of readers I think would benefit from your book.
  • Goals of the Author - In an initial interview, we determine what you want from writing the book and connecting with your readers.
  • Author's Voice - How consistent and strong is your voice as an author? This section may point out where your message is particularly inspirational or funny or poignant, and how you can bring that powerful voice to other areas where your voice gets weaker or where you seem shy about making your points.
  • Organization - My impressions of the current organization of the book, where it is strong and how it could be improved. This may include suggestions about breaking the book into sections or even multiple books.
  • Chapter Evaluation - A review of each chapter to determine whether it meets your goals. This may also include themes and suggestions about improvement.
  • What Could Be Stronger: Other issues and suggestions - This includes ideas about how to bring the strength of powerful parts of the book to weaker parts. It may highlight places that need special attention, gaps that you need to fill in for readers, and suggestions about consistency and any other suggestions to make your message more powerful for your readers.
  • Editing Estimate - This evaluation also determines the level of editing that the book will require, and gives you an estimate of what it would cost for me to do the editing after you make the changes suggested in the evaluation. (The actual cost is based on the final word count.)
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