Collabo-writing - You bring the passion, we do the writing

You need a book to build your business and make an impact. But you don't have time because you're running a business, and the idea of writing a book may make you cringe.

If this sounds like you, we can create your book a different way.

You bring the passion and get help with the rest.

Collabo-writing starts with recording your stories

Collabo-writing” is a new option (and a new word!) I’m using with great success for people who have compelling stories to tell, but they’re too busy running their businesses to write their books. Collabo-writing works perfectly for people who love to talk or teach about their passions.

Here’s how it works:

  • We work together to create a detailed outline  
  • A writer/editor interview the author about each part and record these conversations 
  • Then we “translate” the spoken content into a written form that reads well, then organize the content, editing and tweaking it to create a narrative that flows and still captures the author’s voice, style and energy
  • The author reviews it and makes any changes and additions
  • Our professionals create a dynamic and appealing cover, professionally edit the text, and design the layout to make sure it's beautiful inside, too
  • Pretty soon we have a finished book!

It's actually a fun process, and books are coming together faster and with less effort.

Sound like a good fit for you? Or for that person in your life who’s always saying, “someday I’m gonna write a book!” 

If you’re thinking you’d like to publish your book this year, it’s time to get cranking! I’m excited about the books that are already in the works, and happy to discuss getting yours on the schedule, too. Set up a time for your free Discovery Session so I can learn about your book ideas and help you get started!


Some of the authors I work with also love to write and they’re good at it. If this is you, Book coaching is a great option so you can get help with structure, message, staying focused, and figuring out how to work through the scary parts of becoming an author and finally publishing your book.