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 Is it time to finally unleash your inner author?

Is it time to finally unleash your inner author?

It's your dream to get your book "out there" in the world. And your readers are waiting to learn from your message. Now you just need to find your path from the idea stage to published book.

No matter where you are on your writing adventure, we'll create a plan to complete the journey with a book that reflects you and your message and connects deeply with your readers.

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and speakers self-publish their world-changing books. Being a published author is essential to establishing yourself as an expert and growing your tribe of raving fans. 

It's easier than ever to publish your book, but to succeed in this market, your book needs to be as professional as possible. That means that the writing, editing, and design should reflect the highest standards of publishing to enhance your expertise and your brand. The people who hear you speak want to take a little bit of you home with them. And your book is an easy way to connect with them and open the door for future sales of your workshops and programs.

When you're ready to boost your business there's no better way than becoming an author. The world needs your unique insight and experience. To get started, contact us at: (303) 630-9413.

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You probably have a million ideas, but where do you start? Professional writers have a lot of techniques and tricks to get going and to stay out of the "overwhelm" that can happen when you start to write. We can help you with:

  • Clarity - how to figure out the topics you want to include. You may have enough content for more than one book.
  • Scope - how much information should your book cover? Where does one topic end and the next begin?
  • Story - how to weave together multiple stories or topics for a cohesive whole.
  • Organization - we can help you define alternative approaches to organizing and presenting your writing. 

Free Author Resources

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You may have strong writing skills and you just need some direction and coaching. Or your writing skills may be rusty or you lack confidence in them. Group workshops or one-on-one coaching can quickly improve your writing skills and confidence.


You do the speaking and we do the writing. Starting with a detailed outline of your book content, your Book Coach guides you to share your wisdom, experience and insight to deliver powerful value and position you as the go-to expert. These recorded conversations quickly become the content of your book. Collabo-writing is the option you want if you enjoy speaking better than writing, or if you are too busy running your life and business to write your book. 


Even great writers need editors. As a writer, you're close to your work and have a hard time seeing your content from your readers' point of view. That's where an editor comes in to be an advocate for your reader and a champion for you, the writer, to help you clearly communicate your message. We'll collaborate to help you hone your message.  


We are a team of experts that will help you figure out how to position and market your book to help your readers find it. This includes:

  • Book cover design
  • Branding - creating a unique look and feel for your book and/or business
  • Marketing - marketing plans and materials, including social media strategies
  • Publicity - for TV, Radio, and online media

You’ll want to start connecting with potential readers to create a buzz about your book even before it comes out. We can help you create some "buzz" around your book even before publication.


We can help with all the accounts you'll need to set up, (Amazon, CreateSpace, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as provide a proven strategy to make the most of your time and money.

TIMELINE and Cost projections

We help you develop a project plan to map out the path to complete and publish your book. 


Outside the scope of this consulting (we have resources for these things if needed):

  • Pricing
  • Graphics
  • Cover and interior content design
  • Branding
  • Website design and development
  • Competitions

So - where's your book? It's time to get your book out there to help the people who need your experience, insight, and wisdom! Please contact us so we can learn about your project. Together we will create a path to publishing your world-changing book.