Unleash Your Inner Author Coaching Programs

Make an Impact – Fulfill Your Dream of being an author

Your book helps you unleash the power of your unique story to build your business, grow your tribe, and expand your impact. Being a published author establishes your credibility and gives you a bigger platform to spread your message and make a difference.

Writing can be a solitary endeavor, so working with us is a gift you give yourself.  You get the knowledge, support and accountability you need with an experienced mentor who helps you navigate the path. One author recently summed it up: "Writing my book has become a journey of self-discovery." This journey includes finding your voice, your courage, and the power to inspire your readers. The result is a professional-quality book that you are so proud of, you want everyone to have a copy!

Coaching you on every step of the journey

Our discussions include discovering where you are and what your goals are, what challenges you face, working through fears, celebrating successes, and exchanging ideas to complete and successfully launch your book.

In between meetings, feel free to contact your coach for questions. We want to make sure that you never get stuck or wait until the next session to reach out for help. Your success is the goal! (For more information, see UYIA FAQs.)


Here’s What Your coaching program looks like:

Who's gonna read it?

  • Know your reader - define your "reader soul mate" so you can effectively reach your target market
  • Tell your story in a way that your readers can relate to
  • Think now about marketing - start with the end in mind and develop a plan now, before your book is completed
  • How to establish your message, your market, and the look and feel of your book

About the Author (You!)

  • Clarify your goals for your book
  • Understand what it means for you to add “Author” to your title
  • Position yourself as the expert in your area
  • Learn the three-step process to write you Author biography
  • Develop your Master Plan to successfully create your book and manage the project 

Now for the fun part: creating!

  • Find and clarify your topics using a quick method to find patterns in your ideas
  • Establish your voice as an expert 
  • Research your genre - know what others are doing and how to position your book
  • Why you should write your introduction last
  • Cost considerations - what other costs are involved?

Squirrel! Avoiding distraction and staying focused

  • How to structure your content for maximum impact
  • What are your challenges?
  • Staying focused
  • How to get back on track
  • Status assessment
  • Bonus: Legal considerations - copyrights, contracts, etc.

Making a masterpiece: everyone needs an editor

  • Good editing is constructive, it's about making your work even better.
  • Types of editing and what they mean
  • Types of reviewers - peers, professionals, your mom
  • The emotional aspects of being edited
  • How to hire a good editor and understand the editing process
  • Examples of  good and bad editing

Navigating the maze: understanding how to make the most of self-publishing 

  • Understand the income opportunities with Amazon and how the process works
  • ISBNs
  • Print considerations
  • Kindle considerations
  • Examples and diagrams
  • How to choose your best option for publishing

Shameless self-promotion: branding and marketing your book

Don’t be shy about getting the word out about your book - the more exposure you can get, the more people can benefit from your work.

  • Branding considerations
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Giveaways and Kindle free days
  • Building your list
  • Launch
  • Local promotions
  • Amazon Ads
  • Social Media
  • Radio - podcasts, internet radio, etc.

Design matters: creating your cover and content layout

In a world with so much information, your book needs to stand out with terrific content and a professional look.

  • Make the design speak to your readers
  • Hire a professional - how to hire a good one
  • How to DIY - templates
  • Examples - good and bad

Wrap it Up 

  • Fine-tuning to complete your book and make it the professional-quality publication you've always dreamed of
  • Proofing process and making sure your book is ready for the world
  • Planning your launch party!

Tools and Extras

  • The Unleash Your Inner Author Workbook - This valuable resource is your manual for the entire journey from idea to published book. Your homework includes the exercises that help you get clarity on what your readers need and what you need as an author. It details all the steps along the way, including every decision you have to make on the publishing adventure. 
  • Master Plan - This is the roadmap to your book launch, from setting deadlines for writing to setting a budget to tracking all the little publishing details 
  • Manuscript Evaluation - This in-depth look at your book content provides feedback on strengths, areas to improve, your author's voice, and recommendations for improvements before the editing phase. 
  • Join the Positively Powered Authors community on Facebook to discuss issues, frustrations, accomplishments, and celebrate successes.

(For more information, see UYIA FAQs.)

Your coach and Publishing team


Amy's mission is to help raise the positive vibration of the planet! Helping you tell your authentic story spreads that positive power to a worldwide audience.  Amy's adventures in publishing include 20 years as a professional writer and editor, publishing two editions of her bestselling and award-winning book, The Gratitude Connection, and coaching other writers to fulfill their dreams of becoming published authors. As a writer and a personal development coach, Amy understands how to navigate the creative struggles, the technical roadblocks, and the emotional "fear storms" that come up for any writer during the process. All of those issues are opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and to step up to serve in a bigger way. 

Our Team of Specialists share their knowledge to teach you how to make your book stand out with professional branding, marketing, book cover design, book layout, and website design. 

Ready to start?

To create your professional-quality book and get you ready to step out into the world as an author, we offer two options. Before you sign up for coaching, please submit your application to tell us about yourself, your book, and your goals. Then we will set up a time for your complimentary Discovery Session and discuss which program will serve you best.

Still have questions? See UYIA FAQs or call us at 303-630-9413

16-Week Coaching Program

This program is for aspiring authors who have some great ideas but don't know where to start. We spend extra time to discover who your ideal readers are and what your goals are as author. Do you want to attract clients? Do you want to build your career as a speaker? Do you want to change your business focus? Tuition for this program is $2,995.00, made in four monthly installments. 

12-Week Coaching Program

This program is designed for people who have started the journey and have some content already written. We start where you are, focusing on honing your message and designing a strategy to complete your content get your book ready for publication in a streamlined time frame. The tuition for this program is $2,495.00, made in 3 monthly installments.  

Unleash Your Inner Author Group Coaching Program

All the same meaty content as the one-on-one coaching programs, but with the support of other authors to share the journey.