Ready to let go of your fears and unleash your inner author? Now is the time!

Ready to let go of your fears and unleash your inner author?
Now is the time!

Unleash Your Inner Author MasterTrack Course: How to finally write and Publish Your World-Changing book

Your book helps you unleash the power of your unique story to build your business, grow your tribe, and expand your impact.

Have you ever been inspired by the expert advice and wisdom of a writer? If so, you know the power books have to change the world.

You have a compelling message, wisdom, and experience too - isn't it time to share your story? This course is your fast track to mastering your message and connecting with the people who need it most.

Is this course for you? 

  • You want to share your story, boost your business, multiply your tribe, and expand your impact.
  • You have a non-fiction book idea that you want to bring to the world
  • You're ready to remove the barriers that have held you back from writing your book
  • You like to set goals and meet them to move toward success
  • You want to be part of a supportive community of change makers

This course focuses on how to step into your new role as an author and make your book the highest quality it can be. For your book to stand out, it needs to be as professional as a book published by one of the big publishing houses.  
I'll recommend the best publishing option for your book based on what I've learned from publishing my books and my clients'. You will also learn from guest experts in design, branding, and marketing. You will have all the tools, skills, knowledge, and support you need to make it happen! (See the UYIA FAQs  for more information.)

Your path to becoming an author

Imagine how it will feel to see your book in your readers' hands!

I keep hearing smart people and great writers tell me why they just can't be a successful author: Who am I to write a book? Who would read it, anyway? I'm not a guru like so-and-so...

Where's all this stuff coming from? They're all just stories.

What memories, attitudes and self-doubt do you hear in your head when you dream about having your book "out there" in the world? 

When you doubt that people need your insight, you give your power away - the power to serve your readers and make a difference.

When you compare yourself to other people, you give your power away - the power to show up as who you are, with your unique perspective, experience, humor, and insight.


  • How you use your power - to tell your story and serve your readers
  • To work toward your goal with unwavering focus
  • To set yourself up for success - learn the skills, strategy and a system to complete your goal
  • To take action now! - Who is out there waiting for your message - the sooner you get it out there, the sooner you're helping people, your "tribe"

The UYIA Mastertrack course meets every two weeks over the course of four months, so you will have time to work on your goals and move your book forward. Each class is two hours long, and includes setting personal goals for the next two weeks. (Note: groups in the Denver/Boulder area meet in person; other groups meet remotely via Skype or video conference.)

Bonus! Setting up your publishing platform

Most writing courses leave you to figure out your publishing options. But this decision is crucial, and setting it up can be tricky. Our team will help you along every step of this journey. As part of the tuition for the course, you will have a one-on-one session with Amy to decide the best option for you and how you want to connect with your readers. 

Mastermind: Join a group of other world-changing authors

Writing can be a solitary endeavor, so a key component of this course is the "mastermind" element. The course is limited to 12 members, so we can take the time to discuss your project and benefit from each other's experience and advice. The UYIA community can also access the Facebook group to discuss issues, frustrations, accomplishments, and celebrate successes. Past participants value this aspect of the course, because it is so important to have that support.

Supporting you on every step of the adventure

In between meetings, you can contact Amy or the other expert teachers for questions. We want to make sure that you never get stuck and wait until the next class to reach out and get unstuck. You can also access and participate in the community discussion group 24 hours per day. Your success is the goal!


Here's what you'll learn in every phase of the course:

Who's gonna read it? 

  • Know your reader - define your "reader soul mate" so you can effectively reach your target market  
  • Tell your story in a way that your readers can relate to
  • Think now about marketing - start with the end in mind and develop a plan now, before your book is completed
  • How to establish your message, your market, and the look and feel of your book 

Now for the fun part: writing! 

  • Find and clarify your topics using a quick method to find patterns in your ideas
  • Establish your voice as an expert 
  • Research your genre - know what others are doing and how to position your book
  • Why you should write your introduction last
  • How to plan your project timeline
  • Cost considerations - what other costs are involved? (See the UYIA FAQs for more information)

Squirrel! Avoiding distraction and staying focused

  • How to structure your content for maximum impact
  • What are your challenges?
  • Staying focused
  • How to get back on track
  • Status assessment
  • Bonus: Legal considerations - copyrights, contracts, etc.

Making a masterpiece: everyone needs an editor

Good editing is constructive, it's about making your work even better.

  • Types of editing and what they mean
  • Types of reviewers - peers, professionals, your mom
  • The emotional aspects of being edited
  • How to hire a good editor and understand the editing process
  • Examples of  good and bad editing

Navigating the maze: understanding how to make the most of self-publishing 

  • Understand the income opportunities with Amazon and how the process works
  • ISBNs
  • Print considerations
  • Kindle considerations
  • Examples and diagrams
  • How to choose your best option for publishing (Meet with Amy for your private session included with the course tuition)

Shameless self-promotion: branding and marketing your book

You can't be shy about getting the word out about your book - the more exposure you can get, the more people can benefit from your work.

  • Branding considerations
  • Branding expert will speak to the class
  • Marketing: 
    • Local
    • Web site
    • Social Media
    • Radio - podcasts, internet radio, etc.
    • building your list
    • giveaways
    • Kindle free days

Design matters: creating your cover and content layout

In a world with so much information out there, your book needs to stand out with terrific content and a professional look.
Make the design really speak to your readers.

  • Hire a professional - how to hire a good one
  • How to DIY - templates
  • Examples - good and bad

Let's talk: open forum 

This final class will be a "Mastermind" discussion and wrap-up of our projects. We'll discuss where we are, what challenges we need help with, celebrate our successes, and exchange ideas to complete and launch our books!

About your teachers:

Amy's mission is to help raise the positive vibration of the planet! Helping you tell your authentic story spreads that positive power to a world-wide audience.  Amy's adventures in publishing include 20 years as  a professional writer and editor, publishing two editions of her bestselling and award-winning book, The Gratitude Connection, and coaching other writers to fulfill their dreams of becoming published authors. As a writer and a personal development coach, Amy understands how to navigate the creative struggles, the technical roadblocks, and the emotional "fear storms" that come up for any writer during the process. All of those issues are opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and to step up to serve in a bigger way. 

Expert Guests share their knowledge to teach you how to make your book stand out with branding, marketing, book cover and website design. 

Your Investment

The cost of the Unleash Your Inner Author is just $2,295.00  for the entire course, with the bonuses (see the top of the page) included.

Still have questions?

See the UYIA FAQsfor more information, or connect with Amy at: or by phone: (303) 630-9413.

No Risk!  If you participate fully in the first two meetings and find it's not for you, your tuition may be refunded.

Course schedule: See the UYIA FAQs for more information.

One-on-One Book Consulting and Author Development Coaching is also available.

Space for this course is limited! Apply now. 
I want to make sure that this course is the right fit for you and your book. After you apply, I will contact you to talk about your project and determine how you can get the most value from the course.


Bonuses Worth over $1,100!

  • A free copy of Amy's book, The Gratitude Connection
  • The Unleash Your Inner Author Workbook, the entire system for writing and publishing your book. Includes homework and goals for each session.
  • Guest experts: in marketing, book design and branding, writing and publishing, and law
  • Free ½ hour consultations with expert guests in Design, Branding, Marketing, Legal - $400 value
  • Access to Amy for questions so you can stay on track
  • Private FB Discussion Group for Mastermind members
  • Publishing platform setup $350 value
  • Manuscript Evaluation of your book (to determine editing timeline and cost) $350 value
  • Discounted Individual Coaching sessions
  • An interview on Amy's podcast, Positively Powered, to launch your book!

Amy has such experience, knowledge and wisdom, combined with spot on intuition that is invaluable.  Also, what seems to happen is a gathering of the perfect group of other participants which create a truly amazing combination of life experience, wisdom and support that was so helpful as I went through this process.  I  highly recommend Amy and this course to any budding author.

Stacie Ivey, author of Awakening Your Feminine Spirit

First of all, the community spirit around the group was joyfully anticipated every week and I found that connection to be really helpful. I felt and still feel very much supported and will never again feel alone as a writer.  Secondly, the instruction that flowed from Amy never felt like a teacher-student thing.  It was a sharing of experience and love, as well as essential information and useful resources that was tremendously helpful. Then there's Amy. She's a great listener, an insightful and divinely-inspired speaker, has a great head on her shoulders for what writers need to know and is, most of all, a really quality human being. 
I find my life changed forever for the good for having been a participant in Amy's class.  Brian Kurtz,  Author of A Month of Sundays

Author Success Stories

I hope you can see yourself in the success stories of other writers like you. I've been lucky enough to help these authors through the process and celebrate the impact they're making:

Nancy Rynes was literally on a mission to get the messages from her near-death experience to the world. Awakenings from the Light is making a big impact on her readers. People with a similar experience and those who have lost a loved one are comforted by Nancy's beautifully written account. (Her book made Amazon's "Hot Sellers" list within three weeks of its publication.)

Keith Weber changed his life after a health scare woke him up to the fact that his workaholic ways were pushing his wife and kids away. He developed a system that helped him live his dream of helping people, published in his book Rethinking Retirement - How to Create the Life You Want Without Waiting to Retire. Now he is a consultant and speaker with a TED talk under his belt, who sells his book and other products at events. 

Marilee Ross is a teacher, a writer, and a true nature lover. Her passions all met when she got a chance to bring to life a story of her beloved Colorado forest. The Spirit Tree is a tale about the real impact that people have on the forest and the sacrifices needed to protect it. 

Stephanie Flanders-Martin, Founder of Lavender Elephant Health and Wellness, is the author of It's Not About The Food! due out in 2017. According to Stephanie, "Of course there are many factors that influence our decision to lose weight, but when we don't get to the heart of the issue and create a mindset shift, the results won't stick. Learn habits and behaviors that will create a lifetime of change and get to the heart of the issue, what's holding you back?"

Brian Kurtz, Creator of the Soul Connection Workshops, is the author of A Month of Sundays, a collection of 30 short stories designed to resonate in the heart and soul of every reader. Brian Kurtz, minister and healer from Austin, TX, captures in each story a piece of our shared humanity. Choose to read one each week for A Month of Sundays.

Stacie Ivey is the Author of Awakening Your Feminine Spirit and the creator of Sacred Veil Goddess Cards, both due out in 2016.