You look fabulous!

Three ways to deflect bullets like Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's magical bracelets deflected bullets to keep her safe. Do you know a person who deflects compliments just as effectively? Who just can't accept anything nice that you say about them? Here are three ways to make sure that person isn't you...

Method One: The Trash

Overheard conversation between two women:

Blondie: I love that blouse on you - you look gorgeous!

Brunette (after rolling her eyes): Ugh - I’m so fat, it’s the only thing that fits! I look like hell.

Blondie: (speechless)

Blondie gave her friend the precious gift of a compliment, and Brunette cast it back like a piece of trash. Did Brunette mean to make her friend feel bad? Probably not. It’s just that she couldn’t take a compliment. But the results are the same. Brunette’s harsh remarks about herself shut down Blondie and stopped the flow of energy and conversation between them.

Self-deprecation can be funny, but it’s not funny when people cut themselves down so much that they can’t receive a compliment.

Method Two: The Distraction

Guy 1: Dude, your yard looks great! You must have put a lot of work into it.

Guy 2: Hey, I can’t take any credit, it’s this new lawn mower I got. It does all the work.

Sometimes people are embarrassed by a compliment, and feel like they would be flaunting a big ego to accept it. In this case, Guy 2 deflected the compliment onto an inanimate object so he wouldn't have to admit to happily spending hours every week on the yard he’s so proud of.

Method Three: The Tossback

At the gallery: Artist A: I love your work! The show is really beautiful.

Artist B: OMG! You are so talented, your paintings look like they belong next to Van Gogh!

It’s great to admire our fellow humans, but in this exchange something got lost. That something is a simple “thank you.” That’s all it takes to graciously receive a compliment.

A compliment is not a speeding bullet, it's a gift. When we refuse to accept it, we stop the flow of that positive power in its tracks. Receive it and then pass it on to keep that energy going.

By the way, you look fabulous!