Writing Your Author Bio - Step Two

Last time I talked about the difficulties of writing your bio - for your book, your website, or your workshops/speaking events. The first step in creating your bio is to brainstorm all the things you might want to say about your awesome self.

The second part is how to get into your audience’s head and figure out what they need.

Step Two:Understanding Your Tribe

This excerpt is from the workbook for my Unleash Your Inner Author Coaching System:

 Your "reader soulmate" lives in center of your target market

Your "reader soulmate" lives in center of your target market

“Who is your ideal client, reader, or student? This is not a general description, but an actual person or persona. If you think your ideal client is “everyone,” please dig a bit deeper.

This is the person who resonates so deeply with your message that he or she becomes your biggest fan. I call this your reader  or client “soulmate.” The person who deeply “gets” you and your work and who tells everyone they know about you. This raving fan is madly in love with you and your message, and is happy to shout it to the world.”

List 1 - Who is Your Reader Soulmate?

Write down a detailed description of your reader soulmate: be specific about gender, age, background, interests, and mindset… Try giving your ideal reader a name so he or she becomes more real to you.

Now that you have a good feel for who your ideal person is, approach your bio from their point of view.

List 2 - What Does Your Reader Soulmate Need From You?

Now make a list of their needs:

What is important for your reader soulmates to know about you? What can they learn from you? What impact do you want to have on them? What will tell them that you are the perfect person to work with?

Congratulations! You have completed step two of the process. Keep these lists in a place you can find them again for step three of writing your bio. Next up: Step Three: Putting Your Bio Together