Thanksgiving Every Day

Wouldn’t it be great to bring the feeling of Thanksgiving into your life every day? That's all it takes to have a gratitude practice - just a few moments every day to notice and celebrate what you love and appreciate.

Around the table this year on Thanksgiving, we took turns talking about what we were grateful for. I was touched by what people shared – especially the kids. Their total honesty and innocence inspired the adults to be less serious. The adults tended to be grateful for their families, their kids, and for living through tough times during the past year. The kids said some of the same things, but they were also grateful for a favorite food or for beating their uncle at table tennis.

So, let’s keep it going! With Thanksgiving still on your mind, it's a great time to start a gratitude practice and keep that positive power flowing. Just spend a little time every day to celebrate the good things in your life. Take a few moments to enjoy a sunset, notice a bird sing, or share a moment of love and appreciation. 

What do you want to celebrate today?