Emulate your superhero

Think of a person you know who really has it together - they're  successful, fun to be around, and seem confident in who they are. That  kind of person claims their power, and shows up big. That's what makes  them magnetic - the kind of person people feel drawn to.

I think of my friend Linda - she always seems calm and centered. When  I'm with her I immediately slow down - I know that she takes time to  consider what she says, so I do, too. I also feel a great love from her -  she loves herself and emanates that to everyone around her.  She's a  role model for me. 

A coach once told me that the things that I'm attracted to in other  people are qualities that I have myself. That idea stunned me at first,  but of course it's true. I'm drawn to that quality in Linda that makes  me feel like I'm the only other person in the room when I'm with her.  That she's giving me her undivided attention and couldn't be happier to  do so.

Is that a superpower? I think so. For me to claim that power in  myself means that I have to focus. Turn off the spinning that goes  around in my head all the time and be present right now. It's about  being in that quiet, safe place I go in meditation. Nothing else enters  my world except that connection with the person I'm with.

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