Send the year off Scoop-style

It's easy to put a label on the whole year: "Glad that one's over, bring on a new one!" Or maybe it was a terrific year and you're a little sad to see it go. Either way, there were some things to celebrate. 

Here's a little ritual to send off this year and welcome 2015. You can do this by yourself or teach the whole gang at the New Year's party: Take a moment to think about all you're grateful for: the people in your life, the events that happened, the places you've been, your achievements, experiences, and successes large and small. Now imagine all the energy in your gratitude and scoop it up in your arms. Then, raise your arms over your head and let that energy go: share that positive power with the world.

Now keep your arms up to welcome the new year and everything it brings. It helps to start off the year expecting the best - that whatever takes place, you'll grow, learn, and love. Ok, you can let your arms down now <grin>.

Now that you know how to Scoop, you can celebrate every day of your year this way. It's an easy start to your gratitude practice! 

Here's how to do it: See The Scoop in action