Scared to finally write your book?

You know how it feels when you read a book that just blows your mind? You can’t think of the world in the same way, ever again. Even if you read it decades ago, a book can keep influencing your life every day. 

I was an avid reader from a young age - that kid who loved to escape into another world with a good book. Norse mythology showed me how another culture saw the universe, and novels showed me the world through other people's eyes. At fourteen I read “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain. She explained what I had already been doing, and made me feel that other people had the same “crazy” beliefs and ideas that I did. I no longer felt alone. 

That is the incredible power of books. They teach, they entertain, they inform. But most of all, they help us understand that we belong. That we have meaning. That we make a difference. 

Your book, even if it’s not yet written, holds the same latent power. 

Yes, it can be scary to write a book, to “put yourself out there” in a way that you’ve never done before. You might be afraid you’ll be judged, that your book isn’t good enough, or even that it’s already been said. 

But your unique story has never been told. Your voice has not yet connected with the readers who need to hear it. 

Most of the authors I work with feel compelled to share their work, and so was I when I wrote The Gratitude Connection. But it's still a daunting idea to have strangers read your book, and even more scared to have your friends, family, and colleagues read it. We’re all thinking, “What if they don’t like it? What if it changes how they think about me?”

Writing a book is about so much more than telling your story. It’s also about you becoming an author, about presenting yourself in an honest, bold way to help other people learn from your experience, wisdom, and insight. And the reward for you as the author is the profound impact that you make.

A new connection on LinkedIn recently wrote to say, “I am about 1/2 way through your book and I LOVE IT! It is a real eye-opener. It is making my holiday more insightful.” And a man I never thought would read a self-help book told me, “I picked up The Gratitude Connection from my wife’s nightstand. I had been struggling with depression and your book has helped me so much. Thank you.”

Imagine what it feels like to hear that kind of feedback. You know the lessons your experience has taught you. What is still holding you back from sharing them?

Amy Collette is the Author of The Gratitude Connection and teaches the Mastermind workshop Unleash Your Inner Author: how to finally write and publish your world-changing book. Classes start soon and space is limited to 12 budding authors.

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