Looking For Something?

Squirrel looking at me looking at him

One summer day I started off my morning seeing a black squirrel – the kind with long ears. It darted across the road and up a tree.

Then as I was driving, a huge bird launched out of a tree just ahead, and I followed it down the road. I sped up to get a better look and realized it was an owl! I’ve seen owls before, but only once in flight. It’s an impressive sight.

At lunchtime I went to my favorite spot on the creek. Red dragonflies were darting around, mating in mid air.

I wonder why I see so many amazing things in one day. I never used to. But then I started looking.

That’s really all it takes – awareness. And that comes with practice. I’ve developed a practice of noticing things I’m grateful for, and that has a way of attracting beauty and wonder. Try taking a few minutes every day to look around you. Find some beauty to appreciate – a sunset, a friend, a son or daughter, your partner, a tree changing colors. Breathe in the moment and feel it – breathe in again and let it settle in your body. With a third breath, set the intention to carry that feeling with you.

You'll be amazed at what you see.