Claim Your Superpowers

You know you have them - let 'em shine!

Superpowers are just energies and how we choose to use them.  Sometimes we waste energy, sometimes we're not aware of the energy we have, other times we give away our energy to others by shrinking into  feeling "not enough" - smart enough, rich enough, good-looking enough, loving enough.

When you do that, you're showing up as a different person than you really are. You are unique in the world - no one else has your sense of humor, your wisdom and experience, or your quirky personality. What are you missing out on by not being who you are? And what is the world missing from you? You might not know until you decide to love and appreciate yourself enough to “go big” and claim the power within you.

Do something that scares you

I was recently invited to an exclusive luncheon - and I almost didn't go. I had to really fight the feeling that I didn't belong there - everyone there would know I wasn't "one of them" and I'd be snubbed. I knew that mental junk was just my ego trying to protect me, but the noise it created in my head was pretty loud.  I decided to claim my power and show up confidently. I wore something I felt good in, gave myself a pep talk, and walked in the room like I hung out with celebrities  every day. Once I did that, my focus shifted to the interesting people I had the opportunity to meet.

You can guess how it turned out: I had a great time. And I got a special treat - a mentor I had worked with years before was there. I immediately went up to her and re-introduced myself - and she surprised me by being just as thrilled to see me as I was to see her. We immediately reconnected and started to brainstorm ways we could work together again.  If I had let myself be defeated by the chatter in my head, I would not have had that wonderful experience.

How are you doing this in your own life? You could be missing opportunities to connect,  and  to have greater success and happiness. 

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