Advice for Authors - Your book is judged by its cover

The third deadly sin to avoid as a writer - not having your cover designed by a pro

Unless book cover design is a skill you've perfected over many years, leave this job to the pros. We have all seen those books that "look self-published." Your book should be indistinguishable from a traditionally published book. That's where avoiding all the "sins" we've talked about: not connecting with your readers, not hiring an editor, and now not using a professional cover designer, makes a big difference.

You want you book to appeal to your "reader soulmates." Your cover should immediately draw them in and let them know that this book is specifically for them. 

Examples: The Cover Tells The Story

You can see the difference between the first two examples, which are clearly less professional and polished than the third. 


The cover, the colors, the fonts, and the energy your book has - the "feel" of it - are what readers see first. Make it speak to them. Make them feel like they just have to take that book home (or have it delivered to their home <grin>).

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