Advice for Authors - Embrace the Adventure!

As I was driving on my road trip, I thought of you authors and how this journey of writing and telling your story is really an adventure. It can be scary, exciting, serendipitous, even magical. It can also be a little tedious when the road gets long. But just when you're getting tired of it, some unexpected connection makes your day. 

I'm on a road trip to visit my dad in Oklahoma - and I stopped to make a little video for you:

May you embrace your own adventure and let it take you someplace you didn't plan on. 

Upcoming events: 

Several of the authors I'm working with are getting ready to launch - I can't wait to get these amazing books out to the world! Look for announcements soon...

I'm always happy to hear about your writing progress - please keep me posted. 

Enjoy your writing adventure!