Advice for Authors - Afraid of Rejection?

Advice for Authors from Book Coach Amy Collette - Writers, what if you could turn around your fear of rejection? Listen in to find out how...

Rejection: as writers, we're all afraid of it. Our vague fear that "they" won't like our work can paralyze our pens, keeping us from realizing our dreams of becoming authors. That fear can also keep us from raising the positive vibration of the planet; helping the people who need our message.

So what if you could see your fear of rejection from a fresh perspective? What if you could have a sense of humor or even learn to embrace it? Listen in to this short video for the "kick in the head" I got that made me feel grateful for rejection. (I know it sounds crazy, but check it out...) 


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Here's to embracing your fear and unleashing your inner author!