Congrats on the success of your very personal and insightful book. I read it to my mother-in-law, Ellen, who can’t read because of vision problems. Gratitude has always been a primary focus for her. She never fails to identify and share her appreciation for the many gifts in her life. You will be so glad to hear that in the morning, rather than moan about needing to get out of bed, we took turns commenting upon our “gratitudes” always ending with each other.
— Kathy

What do we do?

Have you ever been inspired by the expert advice and wisdom of a writer? If so, you know the power books have to change the world. We work with change makers like you to create books of the highest quality to build your business, grow your tribe, and expand your impact.

How are we different and better?

Our collaborative system is the catalyst for you to discover the power of your unique story. Your book establishes you as the credible expert your ideal customers are looking for to transform their personal growth and business success.


  • Roadmap: The Master Plan that we create with you is a customized roadmap for completing every aspect of your book to streamline the writing and publishing process.
  • Team of Experts: Professionals in editing, cover design, layout, and marketing take care of all these aspects so you can focus on telling your unique story.


  • Project Management: As a thought leader in your field, you can focus on sharing your story rather than managing the more than 50 individual pieces of your book. Our recommendations keep you in control and give you maximum flexibility for the future.
  • Collaborative Creation: You do the speaking and we do the writing. Your Book Coach guides you to share your wisdom, experience and insight to deliver powerful value and position you as the go-to expert. These recorded conversations become the content of your book.
  • Accountability: You meet with your Book Coach on a regular basis and follow your Master Plan to set attainable goals to achieve your book-publishing dream.


  • Quality: Your book will have the same professional quality as books from big-name publishers.
  • Rights to Your Content: Your content is always yours, whether you publish under your own imprint or one of ours. (Traditional publishers make you sign away all rights to your content. In this scenario, you give up control of what you write as well as cover design and layout.)
  • Retain Control: You control the content, design, look and feel of your book, with the support of experienced editors and designers.

What results can our clients expect?

Our clients are business experts, entrepreneurs and change makers who realize the value of their unique story to make a powerful impact. Becoming published authors gives them greater authority and credibility in their fields, allowing them to reach and influence a wider audience. When our clients unleash their inner author, their books connect them with the people they most need to reach.  
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Amy Collette

Amy is a Book Coach, Founder of Unleash Your Inner Author, and the Author of The Gratitude Connection. She is also an award-winning speaker,  teaching business and creative groups about the power of their unique stories to build authentic connections in their personal and professional lives. Amy hosts the Positively Powered podcast, teaches author workshops and helps change makers on their journey to become published authors.

Amy loves to work with people who make a positive impact. 

To help you do that, she brings two decades of coaching, professional communications, and project and people management together to boost your visibility and expand your influence.

Amy's StrengthsFinder Strengths: Connectedness, Positivity, Maximizer, Relator, Empathy

What's a Book Coach?

In this interview on Women of Denver TV, Amy explains what a book coach is and why you need one to create a book that helps build your business, grow your tribe, and expand your impact...


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